Famous HIT Routines

Hi CT, now that you have been expressing your move to high intensity lower volume training I’m curious as to your thoughts on 'famous ’ hit routines. I’m sure some of these may have influenced you.

So mentzers training, Dorian’s high intensity training and the infamous DC TRAINING. What are your thoughts on these (especially DC) pros and cons of each? You have obviously built your own version which you find optimal so it would be interesting in which areas you differ with these programs.

Thanks coach

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I have not moved to that type of training. You guys like to put people in a box don’t you? I’m not a one system guy. I’m a generalist, which is both a strength and a weakness. I use all kind of systems based on the individual I’m working with.

  • Natural vs. enhanced
  • Neurotransmitter dominance
  • Body type
  • Training experience
  • Lifestyle

Please don’t attach me to a system. For example, my wife is starting to train again. This is what she did today:

First her workout then some notes.

X band walks 2 sets of 10 per side
Shoulder dislocate with resistance band 2 sets of 10
Bodyweight squats 2 sets of 10

A1. Hang clean

A2. Shoulder press with cambered bar

B1. Push press

B2. Pull-ups (pronated)
5 x 6-8

C1. DB low incline (15 deg) press
3 x 10

C2. Chin-up (supinated)
3 x 6-8


  • I’m training her three times a week and she does Crossfit 2-3 times a week . This week she did 6 sessions (this was her 6th) and she also did yoga for an hour after her Crossfit yesterday.

  • Since she is doing Crossfit 2-3 times a week I do not have her do any METCON work in her strength sessions. Rather I want to focus on what she is not getting from her Crossfit workouts.

  • The cambered press is one of my favorite exercise (writing an article about it at the moment). I find it to hit the delts a lot better because of the increased need for stabilization.

  • We do low reps because of her neurotransmitter dominance. Descending sets also works best for her. She is also getting plenty of high reps in Crossfit so no need for volume in her lifting sessions.

  • She lost torque at the shoulder joint as soon as the clean gets off the floor… she should maintain it otherwise the bar is a bit forward. But she can’t be perfect on the first week back!


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Sorry CT, didn’t mean you were only a hit cult follower like many people fall into different training cults. All I meant was that your recent articles expressing the need for lower volume and higher intensity reminded me of DC and since I personally have had great results with DC I wanted to know which parts of it you liked and which you thought were not so great, the very reason that you are a coach who uses and is willing to learn about every tool in the box is the reason I was interested in your opinion on the famous hit routines, no point asking a cult follower of them and no point asking a coach who only uses high volume, both would have serious biases.

Thanks CT, always appreciate your advice