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Famous Abortionist Killed in Church


George Tiller was famous for performing late term abortions, where viable babies/fetuses are partially delivered feet first, then have their brains scrambled before the head leaves the birth canal.

He was gunned down while ushering at his church.

I don't condone killing him, but I hope he is confronted by all the babies he's killed in the afterlife.


This particularly chaps my ass for 2 reasons. My daughter was born at 27 weeks gestation. He was killing babies/fetuses that were well beyond that.

Also, the Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita he attended is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). I was raised in this denomination, and left a few years ago because it is nothing but a front for progressive liberalism in America which taps into the wealth of older, mostly German and Scandinavians who feel obligated to them. I would have no problem letting him attend the church, but not acting as a functionary even as an usher.


I hope the rat bastard that gunned him down is put down. Churches are supposed to be sacred ground. Pulling a murder anywhere is an offense to humanity, but pulling one in a church is just on another level.


I have no idea whatsoever what his criteria was for performing late term abortions. Abnormal development? Anencephaly? Things like that? If so, then I applaud his courage. If he was performing late term abortions for convenience, then fuck him.

OTOH, I do agree that the piece of human filth who shot him down (that is, aborted him in the 260th trimester) at a church needs to be put down like a rabid dog.


he got what he deserved.


While I'm Pro-life, to the extent I refuse to vote for pro-choice candidates, I'm not going to join in the celebration of this man's death.


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hmmm . . . . a very late term abortion? . . . . .


I'm Pro-Choice, and I say good riddance. The only thing I find ironic is that the gunman ran away. To me that makes him no better than the doctor. A little hypocritical yeah? Had he stayed and paid the price for his choice, then I'd think he was less of a coward and more of a "crusader".


This is the type of act that Christ would condemn and all good Christians should as well. Certainly the abortionist was wrong for taking the most innocent of lives. However, murder is certainly not the answer.


Like most states that I am aware of, Kansas allows for late-term abortions if continuing the pregnancy would result in harmful and irreparable damage to the mother. The potential harm must be verified by both the abortionist and an independent doctor. Tiller took this to include diseases such as depression and aborted the babies of mothers that claimed the disease. He was charged in 2007 with misdemeanor crimes for consulting with the independent physician, but these charges were dropped in March of this year.

Tiller also had charges against him for performing abortions on minors and failing to notify authorities of the statutory rape that assuredly occured to cause these pregnancies. Physicians are required to report any sexual abuse of a minor in the state. Some of these abortions were also of the late-term variety. These charges, filed by then attorney general Phill Kline, were dismissed on a technicality and never refiled by the new AG Paul Morrison.

In other words, the guy is scumbag, but I do wish he was still alive. He has been a major funder of US Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius over the years, and Ms. Sebelius failed to report many of these contributions (imagine that!). Many have long speculated that the two have a deep personal relationship as well. I would have just liked to see them go down together.


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well this is the second best outcome then.


You should be ashamed of yourself.

Prosecute the gunman to the fullest extent of the law.


And you're just a terrible human being.

More at 11.




If judges circumventing the government process isn't right regardless of the outcome they reach, then murder certainly isn't either.


Stated perfectly. Well said.

You either believe in the rule of law, or you don't.


I totally believe in Karma and that it WILL come back to bite you in the ass. Perhaps the doctor should have made better choices regarding his profession.


So murder was totally justified, right?