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Family Values Tour- Texas style

I just picked up a couple of tickets for the Family Values tour (Staind, Linkin Park, STP, Static X etc.) We’ll be hitting the Dallas show on November 6th. Anyone other T-people going?

I’m not hittin the one in texas, but same question, is anyone else goin to the Family Values Tour in Columbus?

I wish, Chris! The closest place to Nebraska they’ll be hitting is St. Paul, MN.

Man, I’d love to go, but I be one broke ass white boy. Wear your T-jacket and represent for us to the metalheads!!

I’ll be making a jaunt up I-35 from ames to St Paul to see the show. STP is the only band on the bill i haven’t seen previously. Let me say this, you will be blow away by linkin park, after metallica they have to the best act i’ve ever seen live.

Only band on that bill I’d want to see is Static-X, who I’ve seen twice allready. That line-up is really weak. The Pledge of Allegiance Tour is THE fall tour to be at. I really don’t understand Linkin Park’s major popularity on this site. All they are is what you get when you completely water down and rehash old Korn albums. Sure, it sounds OK, but they are SO unoriginal it’s sad.

I saw STP at Jones Beach last year with the Chili Peppers. Was about 5th row to the right of the stage. I was never a STP fan, and was just there to see the Chili’s. But Weiland came down like a madman into the crowd and came right up to me, stuck the mic in my face and yelled at me while I sang part of the chorus to Plush. That guy is a great showman. Total energy. Dude was pretty ripped too.

Chris, I ain’t going to the concert, but live in the Dallas area. Any chance for a DFW T-man party???

We’re going to drive in early and get some grub at whatever Hooter’s is closest to Reunion Arena. You can join us there if you want; that goes for anyone. We’re driving back home after the show (about a 2 and a half hour drive) so no party for us. :frowning:

2201 North Lamar
Its right near Dallas Alley. Tourist hell, but pretty fun. From reunion arena its about a mile. If you are using HIIT, you can, from Hooters, go southeast on N Lamar, 1/10th mile walking, turn right onto Mc Kinney for another 1/10th jogging, turn left onto N Record St for 1/10th sprinting, turn rt on Ross jogging for 1/10th, continue onto S Houston sprinting for about 2/10ths, bear rt and jog Jackson less than a 1/10th and then walk the final 2/10ths turning right on reunion.

Thanks Jay! I remember seeing that one now. Think I’ll skip the workout though. :slight_smile: