Family Trip to Thailand in the Next Two Years

Hey guys, My family are planning a massive family trip to thailand in the next two years, from all sides of the family for a couple of weeks together.

There is no point in me taking steroids now as I am a weak bitch and no where near my natural limit, I am also only 19 and don’t want to take anything until I am about 24-25 and have my training and diet down 100% and see how far that takes me.

I was wondering if i did buy a couple cycles worth of steroids, pct stuff in the next year or two, how long would it last before it expires, do steroids ever expire?

I have tonnes of people near me who got on steroids at 16, had no idea how much to take and had no idea what PCT was. A couple killed themselves and one guy got really fat and ill.

Naturally this lead me to think steroids were some horrible thing but I am a bit more clued up about the subject and realise there is a correct way to do steroids.

I was wondering if there are any books that are regarded as a must for future steroid users and what the best cycle and post cycle kit to pick up in Thailand. I have no idea when we will be going could be really soon or a few years, depending on when we can all get time off.

Could anyone help me with some advice on what to pick up from Thailand specifically and what I can legally bring back for personal use?

Have googled this stuff but loads of contradicting answers, sorry if this is an irritating question.

Interesting that your buddy is the only known case of “steroid death” in the world. I’m fascinated by this. Before reading your post, I was under the impression that the number was zero. Now I know there is at least one.

Most stuff is good for a long time. I personally wouldn’t keep anything more than a year on the shelf though.

Well he hung himself right after he finished taking gear, not that that is a death from steroids. I am pretty sure the depression was from taking massive ammounts of gear with no PCT and in general being depressed. Not from the steroids themselves.

Jeez sorry to hear that

Was he that dumbass in the Bigger Faster Stronger documentary?

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
Was he that dumbass in the Bigger Faster Stronger documentary?[/quote]

How’s the cut going, VT?


No, speaking ill of the dead is pretty gay mate.

Oh so you’re a homophobe too?

this thread is pretty excellent.

Lol here we go

I just wanted to chime in with my two cents.

I started off as a 15 year old girl taking steroids. I first noticed that all the other girls had bigger clits than mine while in the locker room. Coach used to laugh at me because I would just stare uncontrollably. I asked coach why the other girls had such long clits and were much better than me at sports. He retorted by pulling down my pants and stabbing me in the ass with a 23 gauge needle filled with a mixture of testosterone, tren acetate and hgh. At first it hurt a bit but boy oh boy when my boobs disappeared and a penis replaced my clit and a set of balls grew in place of those dangly meaty lips… LOOK OUT WORLD!

Well, worse came to worse however and I realized that it was all a practical joke. I had been the only “girl” on the boys team and Coach Sandusky (I think that was his name) thought it would be funny to mess with me. I was always a little jealous how he would help the boys shower and then give them special massages but I suppose I should just be happy that he let me play on the team and helped me become the man I am today.

I said all this to say, you should never do any steroids that are older than one year. My penis grew enormously because I had “fresh” gear.