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Family Portrait

FedEx just made my weekend a lot better so I thought I would share this family portrait.

what is…i dont even…

I was so stupefied by the picture, i couldnt even type my user name in correctly to log in.

Whats the MAG-10 stuff? doesnt look like the protein

does the “Destroyer” one on the far left say “pro hormone”?

Damn, Indigo-3G + the original MAG-10. I really hope you are planning to start a log for this!

[quote]cutthoat25 wrote:
Whats the MAG-10 stuff? doesnt look like the protein[/quote]

They were prohormones Biotest made back in the day before the FDA got wise to the fact that they were basically oral steroids in a bottle that required one or two steps to be converted to very anabolic hormones (often the very familiar ones like actual testosterone).

Later on the prohormones got more and more exotic to avoid the long arm of the law, but the ones Biotest made, I believe, was before that phase.

It’s gotta be pretty old at this point, provided you kept it in the freezer its efficacy should be fairly decent, though.

heh nicely done

Sifu, check your PM’s