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Family Height


Hello, I did not know where else to post this, there does not seem to be a General topic, so here it goes.

I have looked at every single family that I have come across, from school, friends, extended family, wive's friends and so on, and in all those families I have noticed that :

1) boys at the age of 13-15 have reached or overtaken their fathers in height
2) regardless of the mother's height - indeed there are some very short mothers, eg 1m60, yet the boys reach the dad's height at age 14-15-ish

Even when I go holidays, meet other families, and social circle, basically everywhere, I am not aware of one single family where the boys are shorter than the dad.

In all except my family, my eldest son who will soon be 18 is shorter than me, and my youngest son who is 15 has reached his brother in height but still shorter than me. All their friends from school who I have met have reached or have overtaken their dads, easy.

So I am wondering what's happening here. Do you have any stats or any views on the matter?



My mother is 5’6. My maternal grandmother is like 5’2-5’3. My father is about 6’2 I believe. I don’t know much about the paternal side of my family. My maternal grandfather is 6’5 and his father is even taller. My maternal aunt is 6’0 (she has a different mother from my mother). I’m about 5’10 on a good day. Two inches taller than I was when I started college, so who knows I may actually get a little taller still. I started high school at about 5’8 at age 13.


My dad is 6’-1", mom’s 5’-1". The good Lord split the difference and gave me a few for being male; 5’-9".

My wife is 5’-7". We have 4 boys; oldest is done growing at 19 y.o. and stands 6’-0". The little boys are 11,12,12 (ya twins) and are shooting up like weeds. My youngest is as tall as his bros. If what they say about dogs goes for humans, the youngest is going to be the tallest. He’s got feet like a rabbit.

Kids are just bigger than their parents. I’m going with better prenatal care and nutrition over their young years.


My mom is 5’5 and my dad is 5’9. I’m 6’1 (down an inch after 2 disc herniations in college). My grandfather on my dad’s side was probably about 6’0 or so. My brother however is about 5’8


Thanks for all replies.


Everyone in my family is getting taller - both grandfathers are/were around 5’8 I think, dad is 5’11 and I’m 6’2 and my brother (younger) is 6’1. So in my family I’ve noticed the same trend you mention.

I have no suggestions as to why your sons are shorter though. How tall are your parents and how tall is your wife?

Also it may just be that your boys are slow growers - I’ve heard many men keep growing well into their early twenties, although I stopped at 18.


I’ve noticed the same trend.

Grandpa is roughly 5 ft 11, dad is about 6 ft (he was the youngest, also the tallest), my brother is about 6 ft 2, I’m 6 ft 3 (the youngest).

Seems everyone’s getting taller. I have no logical idea why though. Could just be coincidence that the families I notice are that way.


My dad is 6’-1", mom is 5’-3", and I’m 5’-9". My 12 year old son is the same height as me. He’s grown at least 6" in the last 6 months. His mother is 5’-6" though and all of her maternal uncles are well over 6’, so it must come from that side of the family.

My wife (not my son’s mother) is a hair under 5’ so our kids (3 year old and 33 day old girls) are most likely going to be runts.


Dad = 6’3

Mom = 5’7

Me = 6’1.


Congratulations SN, I hope your getting some sleep.


I don’t quite agree with the OP’s premise but i did hit my dad’s height of 5’11 at 15 years old (I grew 10 inches at 15. At the end of freshman year I noticed I was towering over kids who were way taller than me at the start of the year). As adults, my brother and I are both 6’1. I think my mom is 5’7.

My mom’s father was 5’11 and her grandfather was 5’1. I’ve tried explaining to her that her mother had a secret but she won’t hear anything of it.

I have a nephew who is 6’8. His father is 6’1 and his mother, my wives sister, is nearly 5’11. My wife is only 5’8 but I’m holding out hope some of that height gets passed down to my children.

Btw, my wife’s 5’11 sister looks more like her mother’s roommate’s famous movie star ex-boyfriend than she does her father who wasn’t married to the mother when conception took place. Did you follow that? Anyway, I hope my wife doesn’t read this because I’ve never uttered it before.


Dad is 6’1 … Mom 5’3 … I ended up 5’10, but always blamed living on celery and ice cubes as a high school wrestler during my “growing years” for the reason I didn’t at least reach my Dad’s height

My wife is 5’9, and my oldest boy (7) is already up to my chest, so I have “high” hopes for him, lol …


I think it is in large part a result of much better living conditions and healthcare.



Mom and Dad both 5’9". I’m 6’2".

My Gramps on my Dads side is 6’4" though, and my Great Grandfather one my Mom’s side was apparently 1/2 Cherokee and about 6’6" or something. Only seen one picture of him, was huge dude.

Little brother is 15, about 5’10" right now. Little sister is 13, about 5’8".


I am 6’0
My brother is 5’7
My father is 5’10
My mother is 5’6


I’m four inches taller than my brother. I’m the same height as my dad so my brother got screwed on that one. You must not be looking at enough families OP, because most people have given different information.


My mother is 5’2" 150 lbs or so
My father is 5’6" 200+ lbs hairy as an ape.
My brother (3 years older than me) is 5’9" 140 lbs soaking wet, has a high-pitched voice and no chest or back hair.
I am 5’8", currently 192 lbs and fancy myself the vocal equivalent of Powers Boothe + James Earl Jones. Covered in tufts of luxurious fur.
I started high school as a 5’0" tall, 118 lb smart ass. Graduated at 5’8" and 200 lbs.


All of my brothers are about 5’10" but I’m the youngest (at age 40) and 6’0".

I honestly attribute this to how much peanut butter I ate in my first 4 years.


All the males in my family, close and extended are right around 5’9", except my oldest brother who is about 6’1". We figure the mailman was about that tall too.


[quote]Steel Nation wrote:
My 12 year old son is the same height as me. He’s grown at least 6" in the last 6 months. [/quote]

Ain’t it funny?! I swear if you go into their rooms at night and you are real quiet, you can hear them growing!