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Family Guy Moment


So, yesterday was my birthday and as customary, my GF and I went out to dinner.

While we were eating, the song "Rock Lobster" by the B52's came over the speakers.

...I started singing it like Peter Griffin... "Rock Lobstah!"

Had us laughing our asses off right in the middle of dinner, drawing attention from other patrons and waitstaff.

The scene inspired me to find the diddy on the web as soon as I got into work. What I've found is not only Rock Lobstah, but a whole colection of Family Guy songs...

Figured I'd share it with the Nation, I know there's FG fans in here.





This link is priceless for Stewie's rendition of "Rocketman" alone.


"Yeah, you're gonna be okay"

That episode rules.


Reminds me of that time I rode the washing machine


Family Guy - One of the funniest creations on tv...next to Ashley Simpson on SNL.


"Admit it guys, we all have a Jessica Simpson fantasy. Mine is: Jessica holding Ashley down so I can kick her in the throat."

-Dave Attell


and Curb Yo Muthuhfuhkin Enthusiasm.


"Aww I hate playing Trivial Persuit. It always makes me feel so stupid."

"More stupid than the time you locked your keys out of the car?"

. . .

"Sir? Sir? You see those keys there? Sir? AWW SCREW YOU!"

-Rigs a coathanger through the window to try to pick the keys up, drops the coathanger-



The Firetruck can comsume 8 times its bodyweight.


Doesn't that make fun of William Shatner's one-time singing career/album?