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Family Guy and Blasephemy


Is it me or does Family Guy seem sacriligeous? Like when they portray God in bed with a woman or Jesus as a bumbling oaf? I think God and Jesus should be off limits, because its mighty funny how they dont make fun of allah or muhammad?


A lot of the new episodes are quite annoying as they way too politically involved. The older episodes seemed much more entertaining.


it's Family Guy, it's hilarious. This thread is useless.

Jesus: Dad, can I come live with you?
God: looks over to woman in bed with him Oh, son now's not a good time.

God: Jesus Christ!
Jesus: Yes Dad


Grow up.

If you're offended, stop watching.

Similarly, I was recently quite shocked by Barney's sexual exploits on How I Met Your Mother. To think they'd show such a lude and promiscuous character on television is despicable. I won't stand for it!


[quote]SSC wrote:
Grow up.

If you're offended, stop watching.


I love family guy and find the blasphemous bits are quite funny. If you religous and don't like it, don't watch.


They can't make fun of Allah or Muhammad. People will die if they do. It's plain reality.

Nothing should be off limits. Everyone loves to say that we live in a free society, but if you can't make fun of religion, then what can you make fun of?

This is probably going to end up in PWI..


Do you want FG to be politically correct, Clip?

I didn't think of you to be the god fearing type......


I'm all for making fun of religion, and pretty much anything else, but Family Guy does not do it cleverly or even in a funny way. That show is horrible.


Nothing religious should be "off limits."

The appearance of God and Jesus is most likely because Christianity is the dominant religion here, not Islam.


Yup. No one forces you to watch it.


Except the part where they do. That said, they were funnier when they were less political. Their Bush jokes aren't funny. I don't even care for Bush, but those jokes are just uninspired.



Lol its funny how they do that.

In the UK here one of the stand-up comedy guys said "all religion is absolute bollocks,it's not real....apart from Islam that is - what do you think i am? mental or something"

Its the way of the world my friend - a big downwards spiral in general - and to think we imagine ourselves as progressing as a race?? Just getting worse and sicker by the day.


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For fucks sake its a cartoon and shouldn't be taken personally. Family guy is funny, and that's it.


This is the actual question.

"Grow up" and "It's just a cartoon" is not an answer to that question, it's a dodge.

Yes, Family Guy certainly is sacrilegeous. Offending someone's faith is the best way to garner shock value. It also leans heavily on violence, dancing fetuses, and stolen jokes, mostly from The Simpsons. However, Family Guy has every right to make fun of anything it wants. Free country and all.







sacriligeous is our society today. take a look around man, there isnt much that doesnt go against God these days. actually, there's never been a pure religious time in human history. There's always gonna be deviance.

I know i'll get flamed for saying this but America doesnt take religion as serious as the mddle east so thats why Family Guy can get away with it. the creators of family giy know that and thats why the dont go after Allah. There would be big problems if Allah or Mohamed were to show on family guy.


Hold on just a goddamn minute!

Would you be happier if they were biblically accurate and portrayed God in bed with the 12-year-old Virgin Mary?


Blame the FCC. From what I understand Seth MacFarlane has to put images of Jesus and God in the cartoon. For example when someone just says "Jesus!" The FCC looks down apon it. But when someone screams "Jesus!" and they cut to a clip of Jesus in bed with hookers it's okay.

at around 3:20 mark he explains the whole thing.

Yes it is sacrilegious, but its funny too.