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Family, Friends, and Roids

Probably something like this has been posted before, but I haven’t seen it and it interests me so I’m gonna ask. How do your family and friends accept (or not) your use?

I’m double blessed by the facts that in the country where I now live in steroids are legal (however demonized to the degree that they are in my home country, the US), and my wife also happens to be cool with my use.

However, both of my parents are brainwashed by the media, to the degree that I would not only never tell them, but will have to lie if asked outright if I use (and I know this is coming). My brother, on the other hand, is perfectly fine with it.

Anyway this balancing act is amusing (and stressful at times) to me, and I am curious to know what it is others have to go through (…certainly more than I do, I imagine).

My girl at times is ok with it, but most of the time she lets me know that I should stop. I to would never tell my parents and even if asked I too would lie through my teeth to protect myself, but then again my parents aren’t stupid and have always thought i’ve been on something.

My brother will try and use what he knows about my AAS use to get what he wants out of me or just to piss me off. I’d say my brother is the biggest problem with me. Even though he is 30 going on 12, he tries to make me look bad in the eyes of my parents so he’ll look good. If that makes any sense…? Anyways thats what I have to put up with

I have found that most people who disagree with my use do so because of the stigma placed on AAS by the media. I have educated a handful of people by giving them proper resources to make their own conclusion (I never try to change their minds, only provide the means of education). I still wouldn’t tell anyone outside of my significant other.

As said in the movie Independence Day (lame, but it does make sense), “plausible deniability.” If I get busted or whatever, it both keeps them out of trouble since they actually do not know for certain and it keeps me out of trouble because they actually do not know for certain. They can neither lie for me and get in trouble themselves or incriminate me by telling the truth. Win-win situation.

Do you and your wife live at your parents’ house?

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what i do is just my private business…
i “drop” my last gf cause she think I train to much… just to show you how “smart” are the people around me :stuck_out_tongue:

My sister is a nurse and she think the same: what i do is my business. My father is dead of cancer so he don’t think nothing more and my mom… well italian mother are a bit apprensive (lol) so i think she doesn’t need to know :smiley:

In my own case, my brother actually introduced me to it. I remember being a teenager and watching him inject Test Cyp as a means of getting big enough to make it to college football. To get me to shut up, he partially educated me on how safe it could potentially be.

My parents would not be happy at all as I would think none of the older crowd in my family would. My wife on the other hand, doesn’t have a problem with it and actually encourages me to use within limits.

[quote]T-MIA wrote:
My wife on the other hand, doesn’t have a problem with it and actually encourages me to use within limits. [/quote]

Where can I find a woman like that?

I haven’t done a cycle yet but I know my dad in the past has been 100% opposed to this idea. But recently I have been informing him little by little about how safe steroid use can be. My brother wouldn’t have a problem with it if I just showed him I knew what I was doing. The rest of the family would be pissed and think that I was gonna die.

I never admit use to anyone, but a lot of people can pretty easily figure it out-- the obsession with training, diet, and every now and then my size pretty much blows up depending on what I’m cycling.

As far as family, hell no, and they never will know.

My girlfriend actually has injected me before, but other than that I will never admit using to anyone.

Yeah, everybody draws the line in a different place. I have a friend who’s wife is OK with peptides and such because they’re somewhat legal, but would toss him out of the house if she found his stash of test due to the potential legal repercussions.

No, but I am very close to my family. My dad is a cop and completely ignorant about it (he is not ignorant about other things, just steroids) and my Mom recently came to visit and the subject came up and I made the mistake of talking about how stupid everything is that is going on now. It was clear she did not agree and then started telling me that I had better not ever even think of using.

My wife and I live in a different country where it is legal and I have educated her on the subject (she was of the same mind as my parents before, but she is extremely open-minded, thank God). She and my brother are probably the only people I will ever tell, unless some miracle happens and the scales magically fall from the eyes of the masses. Good luck there.

[quote]chillain wrote:
Do you and your wife live at your parents’ house?


I wish I could find a girl that would inject me.

If any of you are willing to lend me yours, PM.

[quote]Contrl wrote:
I wish I could find a girl that would inject me.

If any of you are willing to lend me yours, PM.[/quote]

Advertise on Cragslist, haha! I’ve seen weirder things.

I had been accused of using steroids long before I actually did, so the ironic part was that by the time I was actually on everybody I had previously known already had their minds made up anyway.

Bulking Machine said it first and best in regard to family.

“yes,you heard what i said,build a dream ,a dream of what ,a body that women will cry over, A body that when you take off your coat this winter, People set and stear,everyone that hits the gym know what i mean.a body that at christmas dinner your family says,are you using steroids,it all starts with decation.get with it suck up the pain.getting big dont mean going to the gym 4, 2 weeks and then your going to get big.”

Bulking Machine

Like the one and only Bulking Machine said, "a body that at christmas dinner your family says, are you using steroids.!!!