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Familiar with sl5X5 Workout Program?


Ok so here's the deal I'm 30 6'1 325lbs. I know you're thinking fatboy which I am a lil but I have been working out off and on for a year now. The off and on is because I have had no energy or motivation. I just started trt which is helping, test cyp injections. Anyway now that I do have some energy and normal to above average test levels. I am really trying to build some muscle and loose a lil fat in the process. I just started the sl5X5 last week and can really feel the squats but not so much one the bench or dead lifts. I started pretty low weight which is what they recommend since you add weight every workout. I was wondering if I should add any other exercises to this program. I also hit the elliptical or treadmill for 30-45 min 3 times a week and walk a mile on the days I'm not at the gym. As for diet I do a pretty high protein and fairly low carb and fat diet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


if it’s this version with I’d say it’s good to go (as long as you’re doing the ‘optional’ dips+rows+curls+pushdowns)


That’s it well except the way they ramp up the sets on there. The plan I found said just warmup set + 5 sets adding 5lbs each workout but I might try it the way the have it because it seems like it would be easier once you start getting up in weight. Thanks for the link. Have you tried this yourself?


Not personally but my close buddy used it for his first three years and with good results (bench 315x5, squat 385x5, dead was I think 500+ for a single can’t remember). Pretty lean too.