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False Sense Of Security?

Today, there were another 15 people killed and several injured in another suicide bombing in Isreal.

This latest incident made me think…if perhaps the most security heavy and intensive place in the world (Isreal) STILL has these attacks, is the only reason America has not suffered a major attack since 9/11 only because the Terrorist are simply waiting for the right time and place?

While I agree with many of the Security changes that have happened in the past 2 or so years, are they all just giving us a false sense of security?

Your thoughts…


I just feel and believe that the terriorst in Isreal are to far away and that they have nothing to lose. But in America I think even the terrorist enjoys their freedom. I think its harder to form terroist cells in the US because most americans watchs each others backs especially when 9/11 occured. Now everone is looking at anthing suspious and then reporting to the local athuroties. I think security is fine. Hell if its going to happen God will make happen. I think Isreal also creates its own problems. Its a war over land over there and there is no war over here so there really is nothing to fight over here.

sorry about the bad grammer. Damn I should have re read my post. Sorry.

scientist should engineer some type of cyborgs with the sole purpose of strapping themselves with 50 lbs of c4 and seeking out these terrorist when the bastards are with their friends and families. see how they feel when their loved ones are taken from them.

You have to remember they HATE Israel, and just hate us. As far as being safe. a country can never really be 100% safe. The changes made after 9/11 were to make us safer, which we are, not to make us 100%. The only way we can get near 100% is if we get a firm grip on immigration. All in all, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Let God protect ya. bye

Personally I think they are regrouping and trying to score another big hit. They could easly send us into another scare bigger than 9-11 with out doing anything as “terrible” as the knocking down building with planes. Think about it, they have been hitting cities and large “value” targets. But if you want to put the scare in a people, why not attack the small towns scattered around the USA. A group could easily shot things up and blow things up. That would send us reeling into some real scares. But then again we put all muslims in detention camps if that came to be. They are just waiting to hit us with a big thing that what they really want to do. Prove that they can use anything on us and not be stopped. I think they most likely use a bio or chem weapon. I’m not to sure they be able to get a nuke going. Then again if they do that, I say we turn all of the middle east into glass.

the people who we opress, and thereby want vengence upon us, are generally much further away than the palastinians are from israel. additionally, our government is much better at most things than the israeli government, we don’t let religious zealots run it.

I hate to say it, but a lot of it is a false sense of security. If you want to get a weapon on a plane, then you can. period. That is why whenever I fly, anyone who walks towards the cabin, has me stuck right on their ass…Some flights I am standing up and down all day! I take my own measures to make sure I and my family is safe as possible, and I encourage you to do the same…Remember this is coming from a Cop, and I realize that there is no way that a government agency can protect you…Also I am a firm believer in Christ and the power of prayer, but lest you think God alone will protect you, remmember he told his very own Appostles “If ye have not a sword sell your cloak and buy one”…

pissed off. also the terrorists loved ones are taken from them. this isnt a war were the terrorists are 100% bad and the israelis are 100% good. there is lots of background on this war that is worth checking up if you wanto understand this. and remeber never taking all information from 1-2 sources, especially when it comes to war. im not pro palestine nor pro israel, knowing what i know i think both sides have good and bad people. both sides have deliberatly targeted civilians on many occations, broken treaties and strived towards war instead of peace.

Your post actually makes me feel safer. It sounds like you’re ready to die to protect peace instead of ruining peace.

Sometimes I’m glad there are people out there with solid religious conviction who lift big weights!

Mufasa, I’d have to say it’s very much a placebo effect. The truth is that a terror spree is very easy to enact. The only luck we have is that having the conviction and callousness to ruin innocent lives is not condusive to moving countries.

I disagree with the security measures precisely because they are a load of crap. There are millions of soft targets in this country and there is no way to protect them all. The “homeland security” crap just seems like a good reason to invade our privacy.

I'd rather take my chances with the terrorists than risk having my freedoms swiped. I want all my freedoms, big and small. All we have to do is kill the bastards who want to kill us...

Uhmmm…excuse me pissed off, but Isreal already does that. Except they use tanks and bombs made by the good ole’ U.S.of A. I agree with Pat. These so-called security measures only take away our freedoms. Yes ostensibly they are put into place to “protect” us however they conveinently give the government more power over the public. Q: Does everyone remember the bullshit line given to the public by this warmongering administration? A: We need to give up our freedoms in order to protect them? What nonsense! Who can actually believe these tyrants?

This is getting me angry. Everytime someone mentions the US someone always has something bad to say about it. We oppress everyone, we kill everyone, we rob everyone. Fine, lets be nice to everyone; even when they want to kill us. Stop acting like everyone else in the world just wants to be nice and friendly and we are the ones that want to kill and destroy. If you look at the statements this “oppressed” shoot out, you will see that they would kill Israelies and Americans even if we were not “oppressing” them.

Who do we oppress? And how is Israel guilty in any way in bringing the terror they face upon themselves? Talk about oppression…look at how the leaders of Arab countries oppress their own people. It’s estimated that in his lifetime of leadership Saddam Hussein has murdered tens of thousands of his own people, perhaps hundreds of thousands. And Hafez Assad, “Assad the Butcher” of Syria has killed and tortured hundreds of thousands of his own people. Not to mention the oppressive regimes in place in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran and other countries in the region. Look it up, it’s all there in black and white. I’m not absolving Israel of any guilt at all, but the majority of the problem, the large majority, in that region, belongs to the Arab nations.

People are so desensitized to rhe horrors of crime that they can only get excited about relatively trivial things like discrimination. The same thing works for countries and cultures too. So many countries and cultures do such horrible things. So much so that people accept them. While they get upset, no furious, no violent over things like they oppression and discrimination that comes from the western world, even though it is relatively trivial.