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False Dichotomy

I was reading a political commentary about the state of the Ron Paul candidacy when I came across something very profound to me:


“They try to fool us with a false dichotomy of conservative vs. liberal, but really both sides are for big government. The real division in this country is between statists and non-statists. The statist believes the Federal Government should take all your money and then tell you how to live. The non-statist wants to keep their own money, be left alone, and make their own decisions on how to live.”

Maybe I am a little slow and this is already known to many but I think this is spot on. It is both possible to want to offer help to people with no means (welfare) and still have a small federal government–this is why we elect local leaders–so that we can enact policy at a grassroots level and not inflict our wants, wishes, and desires on the entire country who may not agree with it.

Any thoughts?

Yes, we are working our evil magic on you and turn you into a libertarian.

Maybe Mickwhatever and JeffR are also working their slightly retarted/fearmongering magic on you and turn you away from whatever they are.

Whatever, RonPaul 2008!