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Falling Skies


Anybody seen this show? I'm liking it so far. Then again i have to watch any scifi involving post apocalyptic alien invasion. Hopefully it won't get canceled right away like most decent sci-fi shows.

Possible Spoiler:

I realize you have to suspend reality a bit for sake of storyline but... what's with the "mechs" missing all the time and light show of lasers zeroing on a target before firing... Considering we have weapons systems now with things like FLIR that can lock onto a target, adjust and fire with considerable accuracy stupid fast, it's hard to believe an advanced race wouldn't have at least this, if not much better on it's "mechs". Guess It wouldn't be much of a show if you just saw a bunch of humans get killed before they got a second shot off.

Theory: Pretty sure the mechs have those kids inside operating them, though they could just as easily be drones.