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Falling Skies on TNT


Anyone else watching this?

Started pretty slow but has grown on me. They could spare me the dramatic/emotional moments. Looking forward to the next episode. Fucking skitters are tough to figure out.


yup, watch it with my son. And your right, way to much drama. This show fulfills my liking for post armageddon stuff.


Ive started to myself. Im not sure what to think so far. I agree that there is too much drama. They need to focus on what the crap going on in their world. I dont need to know that male A like female B.


Watching it over in the UK. So far it seems like an almost carbon copy of The Walking Dead except with aliens instead of zombies. I'll give it a while longer to see how it shapes up.


this with sons of anarchy should hold me over till the walking dead returns.


It has a lot of potential. The drama has been dragging like everyone has said but I'll give it a chance until the end of the season at least.


Did anyone ever watch that show Dark Skies back in the day on TNT? That show was bad ass