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Falling Like Dominoes...Matt Lauer


By and large, it is accurate.


Thanks, @anon71262119!

(I always value your insights on all topics…)

I agree with you 100%. These things most likely do start small (some even suggest as kids, and certainly as teens…)…and escalates from there.

Then add Money…Power…feeling of entitlement…being surrounded by “yes” people, and very rarely (if ever) being told “no”… and one becomes convinced that (sorry for the language!)…“Their shit don’t stink…”

It’s crazy.


I worked in an IT consultancy. We had an arts student. She didn’t know much about IT, or business but she attended a lot of client events, especially where drinks were involved lol


I’m starting think you’re signaling there big guy :wink:


As a rule of thumb to avoid just this, I assume no one likes me. It’s done wonders for my marriage…


Hahaha yup! Blissful ignorance of any and all, if someone (especially a female) does something out of their way for me, I assume it is out of pity for my failed good looks and genetic haircut.



According to the latest, it wasn’t just Lauer that had the rape chamber button, most of the senior execs still do.


Devil’s Advocate - I’d have to assume the original (and probably largely sole intention) is to save executives time when they want to lock their door and don’t want to be disturbed - i.e. they’re working on something and don’t want anyone barging in in a strictly professional, innocuous way. I can definitely see some people using it in nefarious ways, but based on my experience with execs, they’re largely not bad people at all. Again, I’m not saying they all are benevolent human beings, the ones I’ve encountered tend to be.

Probably the most concentrated amount of nefarious, petty, or egotistical people I’ve encountered was when I was in the military - but fwiw I only encountered a fraction of a percent of all people in the military and even in my career field…


Hell yeah…


I assume you are correct, and I expect thats what they were built for, or atleast was the justification for their installation.

I’d be interested to know whether the button locked the door from the outside only, or whether, like child lock, it stopped you opening the door form the inside too?

Basic design would suggest that it shouldn’t stop you opening the door from the inside, and being able to override from the inside with a basic pull on the handle (no pun intended) would also be a basic safety feature.

If it operates like child-lock, it certainly looks a little more nefarious.


Absolutely. And against fire code lol. In a large corporation, with tons of bureaucracy (at least that I’ve seen) it’s difficult to get shit like this actually approved and installed. Very difficult. If I get locked out of my computer (I’m not an exec but work closely with them and we all have these same issues) it takes me talking to 4 different people over the course of 2 days to actually get it reset. Shit gets bogged down.

I’d imagine (again, I don’t know. I have a cube with no doors. I opt to do my work in the cafeteria b/c I have a bigger window here than the CEO does lol) it’d be difficult to get this type of thing approved just the innocuous way (locks only the outside - can leave whenever you want). If the request was for the door to be locked from preventing anyone from LEAVING would send up hyoooge red flags not only among the command chain of the exec requesting, but of the department whose job it is to actually install it to the point it wouldn’t happen without serious scrutiny - i.e. more than a handful of people would have eyes on it including the building custodian who reports to the local fire ordinance. This type of thing 99 out of a 100 times would never happen - of course, there’s that 1 time…(I’m looking at you Matt Lauer)



Naw! Just waiting patiently for the “Hannity-Ball” (no pun intended) to drop…! (Like @thehebrewhero is waiting patiently for the pee-pee tape! )


I know, i’m just bustin chops lol … you’ve just brought up the black tranny dominatrix scenario a few times :slight_smile: … I’m an analyst … it’s in my nature to pick upon trends


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These guys wouldn’t have gotten away with it for so long if there weren’t other powerful men covering for them, and those guys probably indulged as well. Corporate culture starts at the top.


You’re an evil fucker for putting that image in my head … damn you to a hell in which you can never unwatch that which you have described here.


I think you are giving Hannity way too much credit.

:eggplant: vs :carrot: