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Falling Like Dominoes...Matt Lauer


(Do kids even KNOW what Dominoes are? Oh well…!)

There are a couple of old sayings that are interrelated:

  1. “Men think…but often with the wrong head…”; and

  2. “It’s not our fault that blood flow can only go to one head at a time…”

Another one Bites the Dust.

Matt Lauer was fired from NBC today; after 2 decades with the Network; for “Inappropriate Sexual Behavior”.

Not the first…and certainly won’t be the last…(I still think Hannity probably likes being whipped by Black, Transvestite Hookers…)

Power? Money? Prestige? The feeling of “entitlement”…and that "Why WOULDN’T she/he (Spacey et.al) not want me?

All of the above?

What say ye’, “PWI”? (Would love your thoughts, @anon71262119…)


It’s probably less nefarious than that (except with Weinstein, he’s a monster). I think it’s libertine values mixed with cluelessness on the guys’ part. It’s okay for any two consenting adults to sleep with each other, but these guys don’t get that asking out/propositioning someone you have power over at work isn’t okay.


Agree, Gainz.

Work is work…

I may have harbored some “thoughts” in the past…but that’s about it.

Thank goodness…


"Variety reporter Elizabeth Wagmeister wrote on Twitter that the publication had been working on a story about Lauer “for months” and that “NBC was aware.”

“There are multiple women we’ve spoken to with far-ranging accusations against Lauer,” Wagmeister tweeted."

I admit I giggled that the reporter’s name is “Wagmeister”.

NBC trying to get ahead of the story, not sure if pun intended or not.


All of these accusations really make me question the state of manhood. Its like behind these facades of virtue and kindness is a lecherous power junkie that uses his position to get his pee-pee tickled.


It’ll be interesting if it’s men, women, or both. I’ve thought some in the past about this when a celebrity loses their mind and my conclusion was celebrities don’t live in a “real” world. Nobody around you will tell you what you’re doing is wrong. You never have to say you’re sorry because you’re beyond reproach. Every idea you have is a great one and everything you say is the funniest thing anyone has ever heard. I would imagine over the course of time when that becomes your reality it changes you mentally and your perception of what is normal is skewed.


I read that Lauer’s efforts to silence the women make’s Weinstein’s look like child’s play.


If your rich and horny just buy some ass… These guys need better personal assistants or at least a burner phone… I think I see a niche market emmerging…


If you’re just thinking of this now, there are probably services that are way above your pay grade that are in existence to service that market. Pun unintended but apt.


Whilst I see the second one as sleazy and I am happy for companies to fire whoever they want, I don’t see this as a blanket rule - especially asking out.

I should make it clear: I do think it’s an issue if it’s continued and unwanted or clearly unwanted to begin with.

Note: I’ve never asked out or propositioned a work colleague.


haha I meant like a personal assistant biz that brings high end turds hos


My statement still applies :wink: … Do dirt peeps do more than just kill people and hold illegal weapons ya know.


I don’t think Ron Burgundy could hack it these days


Or they could just do what non-rich horny guys do.


They buy ass too?

Whos next? Dibs on Al Roker


Have you guys noticed the total lack of the usual Congressional “Grandstanding” that occurs with National topics like this. I think the silence is telling…

Who’s next? HH…to me…there is just no way that an arrogant prick like Hannity has been the Model of Innocence and Virtue in the Work Environment. But as I said earlier…the guy may be shrewd enough to confine himself to Black and Thai Transvestite Hookers…

(Sorry for the cynicism, guys…but the guys is just too pompous and self-righteous IMO…)


Yep…more reports are coming out that Lauer even had a concealed button under his desk to lock his office door behind women…

Besides some Evil Villain in a bad spy Movie parody…who DOES that?


Holy shit. That’s next level disgusting right there.


Hi Mufasa. Thanks.

I don’t know if I have any special insight on this. I was reading the Vanity Fair piece, about Lauer. Again, it looks like fairly brazen, extreme, right?

I’d imagine this is like a lot of things. It starts small, and people get emboldened over time when they get away with it. A friend of mine has a forensic accounting firm. She says that the person embezzling money always starts with some small thing, maybe even intends to put it back. Then when they don’t get caught, they tend to get more bold. They begin to take more, and more, and probably justify their behavior. They are underpaid, etc…

I’d imagine that’s what happens with this. Like all addictions, and probably with any bad behavior.

Pardon the religious analogy, but the devil first gets us with just a linen thread, just a little thing. But over time if we continue down that path, the thread becomes a strong cord. Then Lauer wakes up one day and he’s dropping his pants at work, and wondering how the he got there. I’m sure Weinstein didn’t start with abusing the office plants, he probably just gradually got weirder, and weirder. Ha!


Just another thought, not related exactly. We’ve long known that female images are used to sell everything. You see ads with just female legs, or lips and the whiskey, or car or whatever. A friend of mine was a pharmaceutical rep when he was young. He was telling me that those sales jobs are now more likely to be held by young, attractive women. I don’t know how accurate that is, but it makes sense, right? Mostly male physicians and administrators. The young attractive woman can get in the door. There’s some biology there, of course. There was a similar article by a woman who was raising money for tech startups in Silicon Valley. She knew that her attractiveness could be an asset in getting these investment bankers to meet with her. And she talked about how she had moved to dating one or two of them. That makes it even more complicated. Not saying that women abused by any of these powerful men were intentionally blurring any lines. I have no idea. Some of these powerful men seem to have become really aggressive/ brazen, particularly with young women who held no power. Ugh.

Anyway, I suppose we’re looking at some men who felt that they were above the rules. Likely because they’ve been getting away with this kind of bad behavior for a long time. It’s been more brazen, weird than I expected. Yeah, it’s not over. I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more political figures and famous names.


I’ve had to deal with women like that and they are annoying but I guess a lot of men fall for it. Just like the guys who think the waitress or stripper is really into them.