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Falling Back Onto the Mat

Good Morning. Long time lurker 1st time poster. I’m 44 years old and last year got off the couch. Fooled around with a couple of different programs finally settled on 5/3/1 in Sept. About the same time I got back into Judo (after a 25 year layoff). My goals have gone from not being fat to being a better/stronger competitor.

Last Nov. I competed for the first time. Didn’t do bad at all, I gave up between 20 and 50 pounds to my opponents and placed 2nd in my division. I’d gotten stupid and entered seniors and masters division. The masters and seniors ran side by side so I just didn’t have the energy to deal with the 18-21 year olds.

Other info:
Diet- Keto genic. For some reason carbs make my hands swell up and feel arthritic.
Workout 5/3/1 Boring but Big 3 month challenge. This article was timely, I was ending my second 5/3/1 cycle when Jim posted this. Sounded awesome so after the programmed deload I’m giving it a shot. I lift in the morning and do Judo or some conditioning work in the evenings.
Weight 185 lbs down from a high of 235 lbs Bf % by 7 site calipers 10 % down from over 20%.

Short term goals drop 7-8 pounds to move into the lower weight class. 1o dead hang pullups Bench body weight for reps. Enter at least 4 competitions and place in 2 of them.

So week 1 of 5/3/1 Boring but Big (last week)
Mon 2/20
Overhead Press
5 @ 85/ 5 @ 100/ 5 @ 110
Bench Press
5x10 @ 100 lbs
Chin ups with band 3 x10
Cable Curls 3x 10 @ 70
Pushdowns 3x10 @ 70
Bench knees to elbows 4x10

Tuesday 2/21
Dead lift
5 @ 170/ 5 @ 195/ 5 @ 220
5x10 @ 120
Ab walkouts 3 x 10

Thurs 2/23
Bench Press
5 @ 130/ 5 @ 150/ 5 @ 170
Overhead Press 5x10 @ 65
Chin ups 15 (4 sets 4/3/3/2/1/1)
Dips 20
Curls and Pushdowns 3x10 @ 70
Hanging leg raises 3x10

Fri 2/24
5 @ 160/ 5 @ 180/ 5 @ 205
On the last rep I lost control and the weights slid, finished the rep but hurt my back. Stopped the workout there. Rest for the weekend back at it on Monday.

Welcome to the Lawrence Welk / Geritol / hovaround crowd!


hi and welcome
played for what I guess is close to 30 years
judo + college wrestling+ greco=bad neck so I dont compete or roll too much

you will fit right in

Thanks for the welcome Cav & Kmcnyc.

Workout for this week
Mon 2/27
Overhead Press
3 @ 90/ 3 @ 105/ 3 @ 115
Bench Press 5x10 @ 100 Lbs
Chin Ups 15
Dips 20
Curls and Pushdowns 3x10 @70
Monday evening 1.5 hours of Judo lots of practice throwing favorite throws and follow ups. Then randori with one of the best players in the club followed with matwork with a bjj player.

Tue 2/28
3 @ 180/ 3 @ 210/ 3 @ 235
Squats 5x10 at 120
Ab walkouts 3x10
Tue evening rowed 2700m in 20 min.

Are there any particular carbs that bother you or just everything?

Welcome to the old folks forum. Looking forward to watching the progress to your goals.

Hi Cav, worst offenders Sugar and corn. After that pasta and breads.
I eat salads, berries, legumes and beans with no problem.
I still eat bread, pasta and corn I just limit the quantity and frequency to 1 or 2 times per month. I do everything I can to avoid sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Yeah, raw sugar and corn syrup are about as bad as you can get. Pasta and bread - are you sensitive to grains? Salads and berries are fine, if you don’t get flatuence from beans, you’re doing really well.

How are you with rice, potatoes, or sweet potatoes? Are fruits OK?

Hey Cav, rice is my kryptonite. Potatoes and sweet potatoes I can handle occasionally. Fruit is my replacement for sweets.
I hope I didn’t inherit my mother’s allergies. She’s allergic to corn, wheat, and just about any other grain.

Thur 3/1
Bench Press
3 @ 140/ 3@ 150/ 3@ 170
Overhead Press 5x10 @ 65
Chins 20 (5/5/3/2/3/2)
Dips 20
Curls and Pushdowns 3x10 @ 70

welcome to get big or go home for old guys

Hey Jersey, thanks for stopping by.

Fri 3/2
3 @ 170/ 3 @ 195/ 3 @ 215
Deadlift 5x10 @ 130
Situps 30

Monday 3/5
Overhead Press
5 @ 100/ 3 @ 110/ 1 @ 125 (a new PR)
Bench Press 5 x 10 @ 100
Chins 3x10 with the lightest exercise band
dips 20
Bench knees to elbows 3x10
This evening JUDO:
Uchikomi lots and lots of uchikomi 30 minutes at least.
Randori kinda moderate 20 minutes
Randori hard (supposed to be full shia) 10 minutes
Matwork, turnovers, turnovers into pins no stopping. Was tiring and fun.

Is the weight room part of the dojo?

Hey Cav. Sadly no. I lift weights at the base gym in the morning and go to a rec center off base for Judo.

Someone posted this on another forum I read.

I’m trying to figure out how to fit some of the weight lifting into 5/3/1 as assistance work. Anyone have any suggestions?

Tue 3/6
5 @ 195/ 3 @ 220/ 1 @ 245
Squats 5x10 @ 120
Ab walkouts 3x10

Sorry - what’s an “ab walkout”? Some obscure kung-fu move?

Hey Cav, it’s like using an abwheel, only without the wheel. You walk your hands out:
From the knees:

From standing:

Gotcha. Funny I don’t see people doing that in gyms - they’ll do every other kind of ab exercise.