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Fallball is Coming


My lacrosse season ended about 2 weeks ago, and now getting ready for my freshman year of college playing division 3 lacrosse. Basically going to be just lifting and doing speed work
Starting with a 5/3/1 with some added stuff in.
Diet is good, whole foods with a cheat about once a week. Hovering around 2500 calories (slowing adding in calories after leaning out.
Goals are to gain weight and get stronger
Height: 5'10ish
Weight: 163ish

Would really love any kind of feedback

Squat 315 (February 2013)
Box squat 405 (Low Parallel Box, August 2013)
Deadlift 405 (June 2013)
Bench 255 (August 2013)
Strict press 155 (>6months)

September 2013 (3 months):
Squat 1x345
Deadlift 1x405 met 7/15/13
Bench 1x265
Strict press 1x170
Weight 169lbs

December 2013 (6 months):
Squat 1x375
Deadlift 1x435
Bench 1x280
Strict press 1x185
Weight 175lbs

March 2014 (9 months):
Squat 1x405
Deadlift 1x465
Bench 1x295
Strict press 1x200
Weight 181lbs

June 2014 (12 months):
Squat 1x435
Deadlift 1x495
Bench 1x310
Strict press 1x215
Weight 187lbs

Basically based these off of the 5/3/1 cycle adding 10lbs a month (5 upper body) and gonna see how it goes.
-Squats: 5x3 #185 (first time since February) felt a bit heavy just trying to get the feel back
-DB standing shoulder press #30 3x12
-Incline DB bench 3x12 #32.5
*pullups (till fail) 10,8,5
-One arm DB row 3x8 #60
*Tricep Pulldowns 3x12 #40 and #50
-Curls 2x10 #30
for conditioning
-ropes 2x100
-jump rope 2x100
agility drills with ladder, 4 of each: two feet in, one foot in, one foot hops, icky shuffle, 2in 2 out, side shuffle


Box Lacrosse game in a Men's League
got some good runs was nice to just go out and play hard. Not used to playing with guys 4-15 years older then me got lit up a few times had a goal.

Defranco's mobility warmup
Jump rope 4x1minute interval
Agility ladder work
Strict Press 3x5 95, 120, 115
Dips 5x15
Pullups 4x10

Got MusclePharm Assault that I am going to start using tomorrow


Defrancos mobile 8 warmup
Deadlift 3x5 (.65, .75, .85 of 315)
Good mornings 5x12
Hanging leg raises 5x15

Defrancos mobile 8 warmup
Ropes 1minx3 sets
Agility ladder drills 4 of each did about 7 or 8 drills

Morning workout
Defrancos mobile 8
Bench press 3x5 145,170, 190
Db bench press 5x12 45 45 40 40 35
Db row 5x10 55lbs

Dynamic warmup
Squats with a weird bar that looks likes _| |_ 4x2 135 technique stuff
12 reverse hypers
6 dips


off, hamstrings still felt shot

defrancos dynamic 8 warmup
agility ladder drills for about 5minutes just to start to sweat
Squat 3x5, 185, 215, 240
Leg Press 5x15 1 45 on each side, did 25 on last set, First time I've ever done these so just tried to get a feel.
Leg curls 5x15 4 sets at 50, 1 set at 60, again first time I've ever done these just tried to get a feel
decline squat 5x15 w/ 25lb plate
Hanging leg raises 5x15

Hamstrings felt tight/sore from the Good mornings a few days last set of squats was a bit toughm made sure mid thigh was at least parallel on each rep.

at about ~2400 calories a day hitting 230-250g proteins, 160-190g carbs, 60-85g carbs.


Defrancos agile 8
Strict press 3x3 100,110,120
Dips 5x15
Chin-ups 3x10 1x6 1x5 1x2 (not sure if I did 5 or 6 lost count so I did te 1x2 to just ensure I atleast did 5 and the reps were to fail if I didnt hit 10)
Hanging leg raises 2x15
Flutter kicks 1x50 (counting only 1 leg)
woke up late so didn't have to much time for my full lift and had to go to class

Defrancos agile 8
Jump Rope as many reps in 5minutes, hit 200x straight and started to mess with doubleunders
Barbell Curves 5x10 #40
rope Tricep pushdowns 5x8 #90
Flutter kicks 3x50
V-ups 3x15
Not sure the name of this lay on back with legs 6" off the ground tuck in and then up 3x15
Rowing 1x2min just for fun


Rest day

Defrancos Agile 8
Deadlift 3x3 225, 255, 285 (hit 5 reps before form started to breakdown)
Goodmornings 5x12 95lbs
Hanging Leg Raises 5x15

Lacrosse shoot around



Early Morning
Defrancos agile 8
Bench press 3x3 155, 185, 200
Db bench press 5x12 30lbs
Db row 5x8 55lbs

Knot in my shoulder and deltoid area causing some pain so went lighter on the Db bench. I think it is from sleepy in some funky position. I need to find a better warm up for my shoulders and upper body.

Afternoon Workout
Squats 10x2 #185 with black Elite FTS bands, pause for 1-2 seconds at bottom (top of the box) everything was tight and good form
Kettlebell swings 3x10 heavier, 24-30kg not sure. focus was on a good hamstring stretch
Reverse Hypers 4x12
Prowler Push 6x20yards 2 45's on each side of the prowler


rest day/cheat day

rest day

graduation party for myself, girl troubles and a funeral/wake made friday saturday pretty stressful

Defrancos Agile 8 mobility warmup
Jump rope 100xstraight (1 set of as many straight)
Squats 3x3 200, 225, 255* Hit 6 on the 255 set, rep pr at that weight
Leg Press 5x15 1x 45's on each side
Leg Curls 5x12 80lb
Flutter kicks 1x100 (counting only 1 leg)
(Not sure the name of this) Flat on back legs straight out hovering off ground, tuck into chest then straighten them up, 5x15 these things fucking kill
Legs on floor in a vflat situps 5x10
Defrancos Agile 8 mobility warmup again

Woke up early and went to kill this workout to get rid of all my frustration and clear my head. Been taking Musclepharm Assault and gotta say I have noticed a difference. Felt great the whole workout.


Defrancos agile 8
Strict press 105( 5) 120(3x) 135(for 2x)
Dips 5x15
Pull-ups 5x 10, 8, 5, 3 ,1

Deadlift couples triples doubles then hit 345 for a single
Sled pulls heavy as hell 8 laps
Ghd sit-ups 3x15 with a 45


Hey man i play lacrosse as well. How did you go about your recruiting process?


Bench (for speed) 10x3 at 135, felt pretty light
Pistons (dumbbell bench but going quick and goal was not to hit full extension but to explode the weight from the bottom) 2x20 @30lbs
Dips singles for a max- did about 8 or 9 sets, hit 1x145.2lbs, stalled out at 71kg
4x3 using 32kg
Barbell rows 8x3 @135
Noneccentric loading Sled pulls 3 laps
Not sure what this is called but using a green strap over a pullup bar and arms straight brought arms to side, 2x50 good core exerscise

Okay so my recruitment process I guess I will start from the beginning
I starting caring ( I had played before but had no effort in it) in 8th grade and freshman year. I played defense got moved to midfield and saw a little bit of action of varsity but not that much. Summer going into my sophomore year I went to Blue Chip 225 (not nike) and got my first taste of the summer circuit.

Sophomore year I was a starter at LSM and in the summer going into my junior year I went to the East Coast Lacrosse Camp at Dartmouth, met a few coaches and started talking to them. Nothing serious but a little interest from the dartmouth coach and some other to basically see how I progress. Played in a few summer tournaments but the team I was on was a first year team so we didn't have the talent to attract a lot of coaches

Junior year played in F4showbine, a tournament at lehigh and one more in the fall, had the spring season as a starter, and then in the summer I went to Good to Great, East Coast Lacrosse Camp, and Elite 180. Also I attended Kenyon College recruit showcase, my assistant summer team coach is a player and put me in touch with the coach, it went well and had my first offer from a college. I thought this was gonna be it because I loved the school but more on that later. Went to all the camps and got in touch with coaches came out with several offers/a lot of interest from schools like haverford, swarthmore, hamilton and some others.

Senior year, in the fall I went to several tournaments, one at Franklin and Marshal, gained a lot of interest from Bard college, then another at Stevens Tech. Here my coach was the assistant at Nazareth, I played well enough to peak his interest, and got invited on a visit. Applied early action to the school and then went on a visit. Loved the school it was great, few weeks later went on my overnighter and told the coach he would be seeing me in the fall.
Thats just a broad overview if you want more info or have specific questions just ask

         Thanks for sharing man. It's a hard process (so iv'e heard) so i'm trying to get as many tips as possible.


The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to keep an open mind about schools. I am going to a school I had never heard of, and at first was disinterested because my thought was "Nazareth? Never heard of it.." but I did my research and outside of lacrosse it was the size, good financial aid, and has my academic program (Physical therapy, 3 3 program). Next would just be to email and call coaches and keep in touch with them.

Rest day, didnt go to sleep till 5am from the night before, project graduation

Defrancos agile 8 warmup
Deadlift 1x5x255 ,1x3x285, 1x3x325
Good Mornings 5x12x95
Hanging Leg raises 5x15
biggest issue on deadlift was grip, hands started to fail, 3 of my calluses ripped a bit speed workout later in the day

Afternoon workout
Squats 12x2 #165 w/ black bands (thin ones) touch the box, pause for a second, explode up
Good Mornings 6x3x135
Reverse Hypers 6x2
Low Bar prowler sprints 3laps #150lbs of plates stacked on it
My coach told me I am starting to look a little bit bigger, and I feel a lot stronger (rep record at 325 and destroyed my dips the other day)

Updated my goals so they are more specific.


shitty training session, had like 3 hours of sleep and was dead when I woke up. preworkout supp helped but sleep wouldve been better
Bench 5x165, 3x190, 3x210 (rep pr)
Db bench 5x12x45lbs (big jump from last time, last set was tough)
Db Rows 5x8x65 (bumped the weight up 10lbs from last time)

becoming more confident in my workouts and I feel stronger at the beginning 2 sets of 12 at 40 or 45 was a struggle and I kept having to drop the weight. Arms are starting to look at bit bigger too. Don't have a full mirror so its hard to take body shots, ill post one at the end of next week once the first cycle is over.
Went to the beach and this girl I have been friends with for years said within the past few weeks my arms have gotten way more muscular. progress indeed


rest day

Defrancos agile 8
Jump rope practice
Squats 5x215, 3x240, 5x275 rep pr at this weight
Leg Press 5x15 1 set of 45's
Leg Curl 5x12x90lbs
Hanging leg raises 5x15

Happy with this workout, slept from 4 a.m to about 6:30 a.m because I was at a graduation party. I am pretty proud of myself for not succumbing to peer pressure to drink and my friends were actually pretty supportive and didn't give me shit that I left at 6:30 in the morning to go the gym. It isn't that I am against drinking or partying I thoroughly enjoy it, I just have the opportunity to make a dream a reality and don't want to compromise it.


Defrancos agile 8
Strict press 5x55, 5x75, 10x85 Deload week
Dips 5x15
Chin-ups 5x10
Concentrated set bar curls 5x8x50

Afternoon session
dynamic warmup
Box Squats (just touching the box and going up not really pausing on it) 225x2 275x1 315x1 365x1 405x1* pr
I assume this is easier then a regular squat because I've never come close to this weight before in any of my lifts. Nice to see the weight moves but I hate box squats. Legs were still pretty sore from sundays squat session but was nice to get the work in
Reverse hypers 6x12
Sled Pulls 5 45's 3laps


Speed Upper Body day
dynamic warmup
speed bench 10x3x155
Inclined Bench Dumbbell pistons 2x15x35
Weighted Dips 1x5x24kg 1x5x32kg 2x5x36kg** pr
Laying chest down on an inclined bench DB rows in 6x3x?? i think it was the kettlebells that were 1set higher then the 36s
NonEccentric loading sled pulls 3laps 4 45's stacked on the sled, these suck
Ab exercise on the rings where you hang and invert yourslef bringing feet to straps x30, broke it into 6x5

Speed Workout at 4 not gonna break it down though


"rest day"
had a box lacrosse game at night had good runs, felt refreshed but was pissed as fuck because we got blown out. It is a nice challange being the 18 year old kid out who just graduated and getting to cover some of the guys in the league who are a year out of winning back to back national titles.

Deload week still
Defrancos Agile 8 warmup
Deadlifts 5x135, 5x165, 205x10 (had more in the tank but i didn't want to push it and compromise my form since it was a speed workout coming the afternoon)
GHD Back extensions 3x20
Hanging Leg raises 5x15

Speed Workout in Afternoon
Dynamic warmup
Speed Squats (with a box, going down lightly touch/hover for a split second, and then explode up) 10x2x185 w/ black bands
Speed Deadlifts 5x2x275 flipped grip on each rep to allow myself to reset form
Reverse Hypers 4x12
Baby T-rex (no idea what its called, on the GHD go from parralel and pull yourself up using your hamstrings from facing the floor 4x8
Prowler 12x10yrd pushses with 250lbs on the prowler itself

Defrancos Agile 8
Benchpress 5x95, 5x115, 5x135 hit 23 in a row, new rep max
DB bench press 5x12x47.5 still increasing the weight each week
DB Row 5x8x65

after I shot around today I did 6x100 yards farmers walk with the two sandbags that hold the goals down. i would guess between 40-50lbs each

Haven't slept well in a few days friend keeps having issues and calling me at weird hours and stuff so i felt run down thursday. Slept for 6hours straight woke up ate then slept another 6 hours and feel great now.

Weighed in at 163.4 today (after I got home from the gym though but i think i drank enough water to balance out what i lost) so not very happy to see the scale not moving up, increasing the calories form 2460ish to 2710 ish a day to see how it helps. That being said I have gotten a little leaner, i have the under cut of the six pack become more defined and i look "bigger" according to my mom.


Rest day, went on a date, was pretty nice

Defrancos Agile 8
Tried the other mobility thing i saw on here recently posted in an article, noticed a difference in hip and shoulder mobility
Squats 3x5 115, 145, 175
Leg press 5x15, 2x45's on each side
Leg Curl 5x12x90lbs
GHD situps 5x10 w/45lb weight
Concentrated Barbell Curls 5x8x60 just to get the pump feeling I love it haha
did the same warmup as my cooldown


Defrancos agile 8, thoracic spine mobilization
Strict press 5x95, 5x115, 125 hit 6** pr i think
Dips 5x15
Chin ups 2x10 1x8 2x6