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Fall of Yemen?


Anyone following events in Yemen?

Little modern history on Yemen and British in Aden. Not the best article but all I can find on this interwebz thingimajig:


The Yemeni government is fighting entire provinces that have fallen to AQ tribes, a linked Southern seperatist movement and a Shia insurgency in the North. Basically Yemen is a mess.

AQ declares Southern province of Yemen an independant 'Islamic emirate':


How the AQ fighting has been going recently:

March 26, 2011: Al Qaeda captured the town of Jaar in the South of Yemen.

March 27, 2011: Al Qaeda militants captured the town of al-Husn, the strategic mountain of Khanfar, and a weapons factory. Fighting in Jaar captured the day prior is being reported.

May 27, 2011: Al Qaeda militants captured the capital city of Abyan Governorate, Zinjibar, the village of Ar Rawdah and Houtah in the Shabwah Governorate. At last 100 Yemeni soldiers, 111 Al Qaeda militants and 18 civilians were killed. The group seized 30 police cars after two police camps surrendered to them and destroyed 3 tanks.

  • From wikipedia

The US is already getting increasingly involved in Yemen. They already have 'advisors' and 'trainers'(read Special Forces/CIA) in Yemen and now the US is building an airbase for dronestrikes.

Depending on what the US does next in Yemen is of vital importance to the 'war on terror'. My 2 cents.