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Fall Bow Season!




Oh shit, I'm guessing you t-men use your bare hands?


knife mostly.


I want to get into bow hunting but I have no idea where to start looking for a bow. Any suggestions on what to look for in a bow?


For sure man. I'll warn you its addictive an expensive though. The first time a deer or pig walks in front of you and your trying to draw not spooking the animal. It will be intense.

1) Whats your budget?

2) Are you looking for a compound or recurve? I'm assuming you gun hunt to?


Yes I gun hunt quite a bit so I have all the gear I need other than the bow stuff. I'm looking for a compound bow plus accessories within like $3-400, could possibly go up to 500 if I needed to but I would prefer not to.

Sidenote: I am trying to wrangle my next hog hunt here pretty quick and I think I am going to get to do it with just a knife! I'm super jazzed about that one, it should be pretty crazy


I think you could do it for that. Just make sure the bow is properly fitted to your body and you get to shoot the bow before you buy it. Do you know your draw length?

I would read a bunch of online reviews before you purchase. Shoot me a pm or post here if you have any questions.

Your also going to need arrows, broad heads, field points, target, and a release.

Pig hunting with dogs is a blast. Goodluck.


I might do some this year, I have to get a better stand...we got some MONTERS behind my house (family owns back 40 acres.) so it should be a good fall for it.


Bow season is looking good. We have a good crop of deer running around.

I have a new Spypoint IR-6 camera that is performing well. IR camera that takes color in the day and b/w at night.

Been shooting Muzzy's for about 15 years and just can't make myself switch.