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Fall and winter dieting

Has anyone had better results dieting in the fall and winter rather than the spring and summer? I was wondering if the low thyroid levels during heavy dieting were somewhat lessened by the fact that during the fall and winter our thyroid output starts naturally revving up.

James, I’ve had slightly superior results dieting during the fall and winter, but I think it’s due to my schedule being more consistent and regulated than it is during summer. Here in central-northern Wisconsin, there’s very little activity outside after 5:00 p.m. to take one’s attention away from the gym, preparing meals, etc. We’re cocooned, and I find myself able to live within quite strict guidelines (mind you, this is also easier 'cause my kids are now teenagers and not demanding too much of my time).

In spring and summer there's an explosion of "things to do," all of which are fun and outside, but they can goof up scheduled eating, taking thermogenics, whatever.

On the other hand, there is an entire school of thought suggesting that dieting in winter in northern climes is more difficult because our metabolisms slow down and we have a natural pattern of storing fat, a survival instinct, if you will. Who knows?

I have problems dieting all the time, winter or summer, frankly.