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Ancient sport of nobility and aristocrats. Thinking of getting into it. You could not have wiped the huge grin off my face...



That is cool. I first heard of this sport on HBO Sports. Seemed pretty cool if you have access and means to do it.

Can you give us more info on where? Costs? How did you like it? How did it go and what did the lesson consist of?


More importantly and furthermore, if I engage in said activity can I change my name to "Captain Falcon" and throw haymakers while screaming "FALCON PUUUUUNCH!"





Indeed, you can and shall! Hazzah!

I'm jelly BG, I mean, God damn, a Falcon?


Would be great for skeet shooting. Like wiping an ass with benjis.


You just switched to state farm didn't you?




....Ergo, you bought me a falcon.


I'm serious. You could not wipe the shit eating grin off my face. Loved it. I'm probably going to do the apprenticeship, take the exams, get the permits and get my own bird. Here's a nice action shot of one coming in to land on my glove. Fucking amazing.


Here's me releasing one. He'd fly away, land on a perch about 50 yards away and come back when recalled and land right on the glove. Fucking awesome.


I was up in New England and my mother told me her husband did it. I went to Vermont School of Falconry which is part of Equinox Hotel/Resort in Manchester. It was about $120 for 45 minutes and it's an introductory lesson which entitles you to return and go on a longer "walk" with them in the woods and on trails where they may actually get some quarry. Money well spent...I had a big grin on my face the entire time.

The lesson consisted of meeting various birds and being informed of the history and means of falconry. You then actually get to handle a bird wherein you get to launch it a few times and retrieve it back to you. We then took a short walk and watched the bird go for a lure (scary). I was told the bird pictured has between 100-200lbs per sq. inch of pressure in it's talons "if it wants". LOL.

They are simply magnificent.

I looked into falconry a few years back after I rescued a bald eagle and misinterpreted the regulations as being too onerous. After talking to the instructor last weekend, I was told you need a sponsor and then you can prepare your facility and take the exam and get licensed. You need both federal and state permits, plus a state hunting license. Once you pass, although you still "apprentice" for 2 years, you can still trap or purchase your own bird while you're apprenticing.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to pursue it.


Hilarious. Well played sir. LOL


I think it'd be cool to own one of those majestic creatures, and then name it something very pedestrian...

Guy: "Hey man, beautiful bird! So fearsome, yet so noble. What's his name?"

You: "Steve"

Guy: WTF?


Christ, between the dogs, badass (wimpy) cat, and now Falcons.....

You will be the BEASTMASTER.

I hate you so much right now.



Awesome pictures, BG. If you get one of these, where do you keep it? How much attention do they need? Do you basically pay for someone to take proper care of it, and go amuse yourself with it whenever you see fit?


Scuse' me...umm, I'm built way better than that dude! lol


LOL nice one. Touche.