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Faking Ramadan - Bulk Or Cut?



I am an atheist in a Muslim house hold. No one else knows I am an atheist except close friends, and I prefer to keep it that way.

Everyone else is fasting for Ramadan, so i must too. I am not eating anything, but i still drink secretly from the tap, and try get a bit of food in here and there but I am fine without food.

My question is, in this state of affairs is it best to bulk up or cut down. I currently have quite a bit of fat on my from my bulk. I need to loose it, but i am wondering would i benefit most from this month just doing normal workout routine and bulking, or focusing mainly on cutting and then return to bulking again after the month?



Fuck ramazan. Just my 2 cents.


I cant bro, if i could i would.


I totally understand that you don't believe in religion... Do you believe in science?

Because according to science, to amount of food you are eating during ramadan, will make it impossible for you to gain muscle or 'bulk'.

So your only option, during ramadan, unless you change something from what you originally wrote, is to actually lose weight.


Claudan, of course I do. Firm believer of evolution, big bang, and very scientifically driven.

I guess cut it is then. It seems the most appropriate.

Cheers lads



For someone who needs to lose a little this would be a good time to try something like IF. IMO with a little tweaking (i.e. whey or Casein in addition to your food) you could probably get close to 200-250+ g's of protein which in my experience is kind of where you start hitting the sweet spot in maintenance during a cut


Is that 200-250g of the casein/whey or 200-250g of protein no matter the source?


lol. Are you serious?


How much do you weigh? Do you count any of your other macros? Are you actually going to track your protein intake during ramadan?

What you should focus on during this cut, is that each one of your meals has a healthy, and i mean big, portions of fruits and vegetables, in addition to whatever rice/meat you eat.

The casein/whey decisions are literally the last thing that goes into doing this the right way. Honestly, what you probably should do - is educated yourself with basics of nutrition. That way, when you start bulking again, you'll know exactly what to do and the very best way to do it.

A good place to start, to learn about your cut that you are about to do, and potential bulks, is to watch "Eric Helm"s pyramid video series. It's currently in the 4th step of the 7(?) step pyramid, but the information he has already divulged is.... essential/really-fucking-amazing-for-people-who-do-not-know-shit-about-the-body-and-muscle-building.

He works for 3DMJ, his name is Eric Helms, and he has a "Pyramid Series" posted on the internet.... I hope you are able to use this information to find what I'm referring to.


Sorry I wasn't clear. I would think something like 50 g's whey pre-workout (two rounded scoops) and after your meal have something like 50 g's casein. Then I would assume (but don't know) that you could get a pretty good serving a meat and incidental protein during your meal. Totalling 200-250 a day


Actually, the majority of Arabs here in Kuwait tend to gain a lot of weight over Ramadan; after sunset, they generally eat as much as they can, for as long as they can. Last year the two local guys I worked with both gained 10-12Ibs of blubber each.

So yes, it is perfectly feasible to bulk during Ramadan.


I think the key point is "10-12lbs of blubber". While it may be possible to bulk during Ramadan, I hardly think being in a catabolic state all day then stuffing your face at night is nearly as conducive to lean gains as it is to fat gain.

I really like the above post that suggested trying out IF. It seems to be made for this.


Unless you're already well built and quite strong, can't you gain some size and get stronger off an IF-diet?

You can certainly get leaner and maintain strength/get stronger off of an IF-diet, from my understanding at least.

Basically, not sure why this is an issue at all besides for you to vent about how you don't like your parent's religion.


why are you still starving yourself if you don't even believe in the religion? Just to make other people happy?


Is it just me, or does your arm appear to be filled with synthol in your avatar?


na prolly just too much fat haha, I am not nearly experienced/developed or far enough in the game to mess with that stuff. I don't think I would regardless though.


This is why i dislike disclosing that i am not the same religion as my parents. I am not venting, neither do i have any need. I say that i do not follow islam and therefore do not practice ramadan like most do, because then all them muslims start PMing me telling me i am going down the wrong path or something. I didnt say i dont like it either, i dont agree with it, and also i dont see any point in following it, but the religion is cool.

I made this post because i wasnt sure, as said in my OP. I wasnt sure whether to bulk or to cut, as if i was in an advantage in my current situation, i.e. fasting but drinking water, for achieving a certain goal, i wanted to grasp that. I.e. bulking may be much easier when drinking in a fasted state and then eating later near th night, or maybe its brilliant way to diet for cutting.

That is why


Cheers Clauden. I never cared much about diet. I ate a lot of foods rich in protein, i.e. many eggs for breakfast and throughout the day, lots of poultry and fish, lots of vegetable. For this reason i gained a fair amount of muscle, but i also gained a fair amount of fat with it :confused: You see when i started lifting i was brought in via the starting strength type of people. They told me to do GOMAD, eat a crap tonne, and do 3x5 and i would automatically get bigger. Realized a couple of months later this wasnt doing it, read around the muscle building articles and found out just doing high volume was better, and GOMAD wasnt great.

Yes i have been eating a lot of fruit this ramadan, more so than i normally do on a regular basis. I make very large bowls of fruit salads, and after my big meal, continue stuffing myself with fruit. It is easier to eat sweet foods during ramadan than it is to eat spicy savory foods.

I dont count my macros, or protein intake. I just eat as much protein from as many sources as possible, i.e. meat, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, peanut butter, milk etc... I have never bought protein powder either.


Yup, to make others happy. It would stress my family out if they happened to find out i was an atheist, and i would rather not put them through that. I am perfectly happy as i am, and i have no need to upset anyone. I have a family, i have friends, food on my table, roof over my head, i can go gym, i can do what i please with little restrictions, im in a country with freedom. No need to complain, or very little. There are others out there who would die to be in my position, fasting for a month is nothing compared to what others out there face, even in the very country i am living in right now.


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