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Fakes: How Do You Tell?


how do you guys tell if the stuff you get is fake?


if you turn into a purple monkey


there are a lot of online resources that give good information on how to spot them, just look around a bit. good luck



So many questions for one who swears up and down that he's not on....


He's not on........yet. He's building an info base.


The two best ways to find out are:

  1. Take a look at the people using the same gear from your supplier that you got it from. (I'm sure your not the only person you know thats buys from him.)If their like 5' 8" 275 pounds ripped to the bone, take that shit!!!

  2. Just take one for the team and load up a spike and ram it in your arse cheek and see what happends.


if people fake gear...what do they ussually use? olive oil?....and if thats the case what happens if you fuckin inject olive oil lol..that really doesnt sound healthy.


i have heard of people injecting motor oil in there ass and getting a cyst from it.


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why are people that scummy...i mean people sell REAL steroids and make money...why would you need to fake them. Put someones life on the line just for an extra 30$?


Some pole smoking dirt bags may have a seal machine, however most do not. If the original seal is broke tell them to go stick it in their a$$. As far as oral supps----Uh? MMMM? Hell just stick to the wet stuff.


Brew that shit yourself?

I can make my own steroids? Sensai, teach me, please (bows)?!?

You can't "brew" your own. Can you?

if yes, how can I make Testosterone & Dianabol, I was on that for a while and I LOVED IT


Fake stuff usually is printed with the words "This is Fake"..right on the box.

Just kidding...I couldn't help myself.

Anabolics 2005/2006 has some great information on the topic, and has pictures of the various types of Holograms that should be included from various manufacturers.



Many pics on the net. If you are buying online,, for sure check that shit out.
Easy way is to look for uneven amounts filled in amp or for labels that come off relatively easy. For pills use a credit card and see if they split in two easy,, if so junk it