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Fake Test E?

Hello, I’m new to this site, I recently ordered and received my two boxes of Test E 250 ml/ amp. I’m going on my fourth week of my test only cycle. Recently I’ve noticed that I don’t feel much different in regards to libido or size. My strength has gone up just a little, but nothing drastic. My weight has also went up about 8 pounds so far but once again, nothing drastic. I’ve posted some photos along with this so maybe you guys could help me out.

How much are you taking weekly? Are you taking it solo? No ai? Noticed any sides? Acne? Water retention? The sure fire thing to do is get bloodwork. It could just be under dosed. I just got got like that on a test only blast. It was test but injecting 350 “mgs” put my total test lower than 120 mg of pharmacy Cypionate.

8 lbs in 4 weeks is very good. Test e doesn’t really kick in until week 5-8. I’m assuming this is your first cycle? Honestly I’ve never got crazy libido or any of the other effects a lot of people claim to get.

Test is faked so infrequently that it’s much more realistic that you’re 1.) just taking longer to respond because it usually happens more slowly, or 2.) you had some expectations as to what you would feel and they were unrealistic. I’m putting my money on #2.

Just for reference, it took me about two months to really feel a serious change when I started trt, and I was going from low t to high-normal, which is a massive change. Not everyone feels the same on high test, and some guys don’t even really notice a difference. It’s not like other drugs.

Currently I’m taking it by itself with an AI and 500 mg/week. The only sides I think I’ve noticed is more acne but I already had acne, so it’s hard to tell maybe some water retention, but nothing major

So your going on your 4th week which means you have 3 weeks on. And you are trying to tell me you dont have an S on your chest yet?! Your not benching 5 plates while doing weighted leg lifts? Your not shoulder shrugging your car in the gym parking lot post workout?!

Ya bro shits fake. Send it to me il dispose of it for ya.