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Fake Test E.???


How do you know if your test E. is fake? Are there signs to look for? I've been injecting for a few weeks now and I don't feel any different than before. Plus, I don't look any different either... In the gym I'm not really stronger and I don't have more energy.

If you guys (those who tried Test. E before) could help me by creating a "what to look for list" and after how much time to look for these signs it would be greatly appreciated.


sex drive and oily skin are the quickest to appear.


If it's bunk, you can look for some of these signs:

  1. You don't feel any different than before.
  2. You don't look any different than before.
  3. You're not really stronger nor do you have increased energy.

Those are some signs. But test E takes a while to get into your system. Maybe it just hasn't been long enough. How long you been at it?


Most people use dbol for a kickstart until their Test kicks in with the longer esters

Its by no means a requirement, how many weeks is a few ?

2, 3, 4 ?


It's been almost 4 weeks, I don't really know what to expect other than what I've read since it's my first cycle.

I've looked for feedback on my source in many forums but the opinions seem to differ a lot. Some say the source I ordered it from is a scam while others say it works...


I am on 5th week of test e @ 320mg/week, witha dbol kick start 12.5mg/day for 4 weeks. I got a boost in libido in the first week. I got oily skin, throbbing in the head, acne, and water retention at the end of the second week. I think its the oestogen build up.

I took a 3-4days to normalize, and all the side effects went away. And libido dropped back to below normal. At the end of 3rd week, i started to notice the recovery and work capacity improvments. With dbol I got immediate strength gains, and since off dbol I haven't gained any strength.

I dropped 2 kgs (water weight from dbol) But the test E is providing extra work capacity and recovery. I am gaining lean muscle slowly, and losing some body fat at the same time.

Baiscly if you used test e for 4 weeks, and felt like nothting has changed, then its bunk.


I hope it's not the case cuz if so I'm gonna be really pissed off. I planned this cycle for months now, looking in to every possible angle, I was finally ready to try it and now I may be stuck with some fake gear.

Now that would be really shity! I need to find a real source but it's not easy, I don't think anyone at my gym is on.


Give it a few more weeks. You'll know by week 6.

It's possible that it is underdosed. I don't know how much you are using but it may be possible that you are only using a 'replacement' dosage, due to the falsely claimed concentration. If that's the case I don't know what the best plan of action is.


on my first cycle, i had same experience except mine wasnt fake it was just real real weak, honstly though i think you got some bunk shit, even if its weak, within your first week you will still notice, headaches, upped sex drive, energy, etc. By now you should of for sure of seen some kind of results


How old are you?
When I was younger and took- I didn't notice as quickly, being that test is always high anyhow.
I'm 39 now- it only takes a week of Test E for me to feel the differences.

You should feel the strength difference by the 2nd week though..


This is one of the main reasons I would not want to take test-e alone. You get to be paranoid for 4 weeks wondering if its real or not. Hope it kicks in man ><


So you'd rather be mentally at ease using fake stuff? Doesn't make sense. I for one would wan't to know as soon as possible if the stuff was fake so as to never use that source again. If you're using an oral and fake test E and you don't realize your E is fake what are you going to do in week 8 (hypothetically) when your gains are vanishing and natural test production is still shut down.


When did I ever say that? No I would rather be mentally at ease having real dbol and real test-e. Im just saying, even if you KNOW your source is legit, you will still be paranoid and anxious trying to figure out if it is kicking in yet. I just don't think I could run test-e by itself, I would have to throw in a faster acting compound to put my mind at ease.


My definition of paranoia is different than yours. NM then.


You are correct - i hate running test cyp for that very reason (i still do mind you but..).

for me it takes a good 6 weeks at a minimum to see good results. It is a very frustrating drug alone.

What is strange is when using Nandrolone Decanoate - a longer ester - i felt it was giving me good results around week 4.. maybe it is a quality issue over just an ester issue. I will research that soon :wink:

I digress..

Yes, it is frustrating. :wink:



Well, actually, I have gained some weight, but since I began this cycle I'm eating a lot more than before, so the weight that I've gained, I can't really tell if its the Test doing its thing or if its the higher ratio of calories that i'm eating.


usually if you got real legit stuff, you will know for sure within a 2-4 weeks. If your still not to sure about your stuff, i bet its fake. Even the stuff i had was real real weak and i still got the effects of the test i was on.


again how old are you?


I'm 23. I can pretty much confirm that what I have in my possession is fake gear. This thing doesn't work at all.


wasnt trying to mean disrespect by your age just asking because whoever said it before was indeed right that effects are a lot less pronounced at a younger age. But only you would know if what you have if fake.