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Fake Test E, with Bloods. Advice Needed


Good Evening,

First off to anyone who reviews my forum post and assists in any way shape or form i want to say thank you for taking the time to read and help me out.

I have researched extensively into the whole usage of steroids for multiple years and understand the various risks. I have trained naturally for over 6 years now and decided to further advance in bodybuilding with the use of AAS.

The reasoning behind my post is that i have been running a basic test E cycle at 500mg per week. (Split into two injections Tues/Friday) along side usage of an AI (Arimadex at 0.25EOD).

Knowing the time taken for this drug to enter my system i held out a few weeks and gave it a chance to begin working.

After hitting week 6, i had seen minor strength gains and weight gain but i believe this to be a placebo effect partly to do with an increased intake of calories.

After no changes in libido and no other sides i went and got blood tests taken to verify what i was using as i believed at this point it was either fake or under dosed.

No bloods were taken prior to the steroid cycle as i was at first not willing to mention the use to my doctor due to personal issues (I have now also sourced a private blood test for future measures and understand a baseline should of been determined and will take better care on future cycles)

Bloods were taken after week 7 and show as follows:

I am now deeply concerned as its clear what i have been injecting is under dosed.

If anyone could shed some light as to what the correct protocol would now be i would much appreciate this, I have been very cautious throughout this whole process and have everything to hand required to complete a full PCT.

My main concerns are:

  1. Should i run a PCT if so when is best to start.

  2. Should i re source new steroids and begin a new cycle.

I have taken a great amount of time to ensure i could run a cycle to the best of my ability in regards to training, diet, correct protocols. This has really caught me off guard as this was supplied by a trusted friend of many years.

If anyone could chime in i would really appreciate it thanks again, at the end of the day guys i fully understand the risks i am taking using AAS i just wish to be as safe as possibly during the whole process.




U got a second page to that test right?? I don’t see the “testosterone” results on this page


Its in there. He as Serum Test and Calculated Free Test near the top of the page


Frankly your Test isnt that much over the normal range. I dont think a PCT would hurt you and then you can retest and get on some real gear. 500/week should send your Total Test over 2000. Dont forget an AI during the next cycle. 500/week is enough to send your E2 sky high.


Thank you for the reply studhammer. Considering how low the test is showing, would it be harmful to just replace the gear and go with 10 more weeks or do you think a pct will be neccisary before starting anything else. I was using an ai throughout but only .25mg eod.

Thanks again.


Its near the top of the sheet isoldier.

Thanks for your reply.


The question is… was ur fake strong enough to affect ur natural production? If not, then u can probably jump onto a new cycle if u have a good source.

If it were me, I’d start with the new gear but I’m not the most cautious guy there is.