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Fake Tanners

This summer I’d like to have some tan on my grey skin. Since I’m a pale-faced Irish boy with fair skin, sitting out in the sun cooking up some melanoma isn’t an option. Can any of you tell me what you think the best fake tanners are? I’ve tried some that wash away with even the slightest perspiration, some that make me look dirty, and of course there are the orange ones. I’m sure this has been answered before but since the search function seems to be broken, I’m unable to look through the archive, so my apologies for the repeat. Thanks for the help.

go to sunless.com

I’m interested in this also…anyone have any personal experiences?

Worked fine for me, here’s what Bill Roberts had to say in a previous post, “I rarely use self-tanners, due to the time involved, the fact that they all look a little unnatural, and the tendency to have problems at elbows, knees, hands, or odd patches of skin. But, in my opinion and some other people I know, Au Courant is the best. There are versions both for face and body.” Which mirrors my experience, also they tend to fade rather blootchy, which can get you some weird looks.

For years I have been trying to find the best tanning creams to avoid tanning beds and the sun. From my own experience, Clinique (a department store brand) and Estee Lauder (another department store brand) give the most natural looking “tan in a bottle”. I’ve also looked around on the internet and just as some one replied here, Au Courant is rated the #1 tanning cream, along with Estee Lauder. It’s worth a shot. Also, the Clinique cream doesn’t have any odor at all. Hope that was some help!!

Honestly, the two best self tanners are by Neutogena and Mary Kay. They are not orange, and they last longer than most. Very safe. Ode to Summer!

The best self-tanner no questions asked is Amber Sun sunless dark tanning lotion by body invest.

Alexis: Agree…the “Neutrogena” brand of products are getting great reviews. People tend to think that mass marketed, “non-trendy” products that you may get at Wal-Mart instead of some expensive Boutique as being of less quality. Often that is quite the contrary.

Have you (or anyone else) had a lot of experience with the Neutrogena line of products? (I’ve also begun to look seriously at their Men’s Line of products).



I’ve been using the salicylic acid face wash and shave lotion for a couple of weeks now. It is great. Much less shaving irritation, and my face is clear as day!


Mufasa: Personally, I am a HUGE Nutrogena fan. Due to the dryness in the winter, I get dandruff. Their “T-Gel” is probably the BEST dandruff shampoo. All of their facial cleasers are wonderful (and I used to sell Mary Kay!). I highly recommend Neutrogena. As for the mens’s line, my brother had really bad acne and was put on medication for it. Once it got better, even his doctor told him to use Neutrogena cleanser for men. Ode to Neutrogena!

Definetly Nutrogena’s new bronzer. Also, If you use an exfoliator (origins and body shop have great salt scrubs, and estee lauder has a sugar scrub that is great)and then a really good moisturizer )or I like to use nutrogena’s oil that you use right after you get out of hte shower while you are still wet. Some people use baby oil, but it is mineral oil based and bad for your skin). Body shop has a line of “body butter’s”, that are fantastic, the cut flavor is the best.

Anyway, exfoliate then moisturize, then do the bronzer or tanner. the application will be much more even.