Fake Sus?

Hey guys, i wouldnt mind ur opinoin on some gear ive been takin and very iffy about, you see this is the start of my 5th week of my cycle of
1-5 dbols 30mg
1 - 8 sus 250 mon/thurs 400ml a week
letro .6 E3D

so far ive only put on 6 kgs, pretty low compared to my other sus cycles, and YES my DIET is good and so is my workout program. so the only thing left is the sus 250 i got crap? anyones thoughts would be great

Its possible, but no one can really say for sure. This kinda of thing is hard to figure out over the internet

Putting 14pds of weight on in 5 weeks is a bad cycle? What’s wrong with you? You must know the question you asked is impossible to answer without any further information. Information you could have provided wcould include, your previous cycles results, clear photos of the sus and dbol and finally before and after photos of your current (inefficient) cycle. Instead you ask a dopey question and expect the T-Nation psychics to be able to answer it.