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Fake sugars and calories


Quick question: do the calories from fake sugars really count? Say you see 1 calorie per teaspoon or 3 calories per gum in a fake sugar product, is that really a calorie your body uses? Or is it a "calorie" in the same way that fiber is considered as having calories although it's not absorbed?



Question: Does it really matter?

Are you chewing that much gum that you get several hundred calories of it per day?


Doesn't really matter to me; I'm just curious.

I basically want to know if these fake sugars just pass harmlessly through your body as I always imagined they did...



Ah, you are the curious type like myself.

I've wondered about it, honestly though it's not the easiest thing to figure out. Maybe if you could create a "food" with like 500 calories of that fake sugar stuff you could tell.
Or if someone skilled in nutrition testing took some back to a lab they could tell.

I think it fits into the category of "impact" carbs, meaning they have an effect, but not quite the same as real sugars in all cases. Some people poop em out, some convert them to fat, some probably wipe their noses with them..lol


500 calories of fake sugar would require an incredible amount of the product, in all likilihood. In terms of volume it would require several liters...

I went for a little search and came up empty handed. In some cases I found that these sugars are completely calorie free because your body doesn't recognize them. But sometimes they DO recognize them and absorb them badly, or whatever. So maybe it depends on the individual sweetener.

But it seems to me like the completely calorie free sweeteners might be safer, no?

Hopefully an expert will drop by...



i count them.
you dont use fibre cause we aint herbavores (damn appendix) so we cant process the calorie.
I see no reason why you shouldnt count these calorie ("fake sugars") like any other calorie. They are howevr less likely to raise insulin and blood glucose compared to sucrose (or whatever sugar it is replacing), but then again they are nonproductive and therfore still empty calories arent they?