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Fake "Strongmen" Workout on TV Morning Show -lol




Saw this on Deadspin this morning, sent it around to all of my friends.

One of the victimized networks is the local news where I grew up (channel 69 news, WFMZ in Allentown, PA).

I have three questions:

  1. Don’t news shows do some kind of verification? IE didn’t anyone think to Google their names and see if they were actual “strongmen” or something?

  2. At what point did the respective anchors/reporters realized “Shit, these guys are a joke” during the respective broadcasts?

  3. Did anyone get fired as a result?


I used to live on 15th and Linden. What a dump!

/end hijack

edit: That corner is a dump I mean. Not all of Allentown!


No, don’t worry, all of Allentown is a dump.

My family has generation-old roots in Allentown (grandfather went to Emmaus HS, grandmother to Allentown Central Catholic) but I was born and raised a little to the southwest, just outside of Reading, PA. Channel 69 news, however, is the local station for both the Lehigh Valley and Berks County. Sadly, there were no such videos on the news of strongmen doing the “one foot basket crush” when I was a child.