Fake Posts with My Name

I have NEVER posted here before on any forum. I was just told that someone is posting as “Deepsquatter” claiming to be a powerlifter and giving out some goofy leg training routine and God knows what else.

It wasn’t me. Any questions - please feel free to contact me.

Well, if you’ve never posted here before then the guy obviously had no clue that you even existed, and neither did anyone else that reads this forum…

I say just let him be for now. Never know, he may have some good ideas.

Haven’t read any of his posts, but geez, I think it’s just a handle not an attempt to impersonate you. No need to get touchy about it.

Mark, the point Jason is trying to make is that this person might be playing a prank. Jason you should post your Sheiko workouts here!

Actually mark, the guy probably know exactly who Jason is, that is if he is really a powerlifter. Mr. Burnell runs the Strength online site through deepsquatter. Louie Simmons (along with other big names) post articles there. It would be hard for me to believe that this “powerlifter” wouldn’t know of this site. But, yes it could be possible, although it would be hard to believe.

I was under the impression that the guy posting under “deepsquatter” was in fact Jason Burnell. It kind’ve surprised me seeing his name posted here because I know Jason has his own forum and probably the busiest powerlifting site on the whole internet…but anyway, it’s just a handle.

I doubt Deepsquatter is trying to impersonate you. As he has been posting on here for quite some time. And he uses “Deepsquatter” as his handle. I’m sure he’s someone who powerlifts and liked the handle and decided to use it. It would be different if he posted using your real name and the handle all in one. So I wouldn’t worry about it.

Mark and Nate,

It's difficult for me to believe that it's not an impersonation.

I am a competitive powerlifter in. I compete in the 220s.

“Deepsquatter” is also a powerlifter and says he weighs “about 200.” He also was giving out Westide BB advice.

For the last several years, since 3/98 to be exact, I have run a site called Deepsquatter. That site was the original home for the Westside Barbell website AND Dave Tate’s original site. Before that I had a personal site called Deepsquatters World of Powerlifting and went by that moniker for a long time…dating back to the good old misc.fitness.weights days.

I was one of, if not the first to print my experiences with Westside’s training on the web. All of this can easily be verified by Dave Tate himself.

Someone that knows me basically asked why the hell I was making up a One Day Quad Routine on the T-Mag forum. I didn’t know what he was talking about. I came here and sure enough there it was.

Dunno what the deal is. Could be a coincidence but it doesn’t seem like it. Just wanted to clarify for those that DO know me that it wasn’t me.

Jason, I’ve been to your site many times. Good stuff! As for this “Deepsquatter” on T-mag, I never thought it was you! But I can see how others may have thought so. Like I said, I think it’s someone who powerlifts, who likes T-mag and your site and decided to use the handle. If it was the “real” deepsquatter, I would expect you to post your real name as do many of T-mags writers. :slight_smile:

Jason - he may just be looking up to you. You might be a role-model for him, and he innocently started posting as ‘Deepsquatter’. I’d say he’s thinking twice about it now if that’s the case…

Jason-Sorry if you thought I ripped off your name, or that other people did. I wasn’t trying to impersonate you, it’s just a nickname my friends gave me a while back (didn’t know about your site then). Anyway, to avoid anymore confusion, I won’t post under that name. No harm meant

Well, okay, how about this: The “fake” Deepsquatter can post an apology, explain whether or not he knowingly appropriated your moniker, and we can all move on. While it does seem strange that, if he’s really a powerlifter, he wouldn’t know about the real Deepsquatter (given what’s been written here), it’s entirely possible that he’s someone in the iron game who really never has heard of you. I’ve been lifting for quite a while, albeit not powerlifting, and I’ve never heard of you. So it’s not impossible, however unlikely. Personally, I just want to see the Leg Cure! It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I’m just glad someone else is on the same track. So how about it, Oh Spurious Squatter? Care to 'fess up?

we all know there is one deepsquatter. i dont recall this guy having one rationale that was supported by westside theroies. i thnk its jst sombody that thinks they squat deep. if you think you squat deep check out the real video of jason squatting 699 all natural and single poly not too bad id say. i also post on deeps forum and i must say i love that site.