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Fake or Pumped Full of Synthol?


I'd normally say this is fake or pumped full of synthol; here's the video of this guy flexing:


Are you asking if that is fake?


are u really wondering if he's used synthol?


Maybe you should wonder why you watched that homoerotic video in the first place


prob just no explode


This thread is made of win


gotta love muscle worship vids


Because it's a great way to bait the ignorant trash into posting?


This video may not be suitable for minors.




The biceps appear to be created with synthol. If you look at his arm when not flexing its kinda obvious.

no homo


no homo lmao what


no explode will only get you swole. He has to be on NO Shotgun to get that hyyyuge

oh and creatine


I actually watched more than 3 seconds..so the no homo is needed.


I'd say about 5 ccs of Synthol in each peak of his biceps. Too bad, becuse his arms are out of proportion now and he does have an impressinve build. The quads are very good.


super super super gay, thanks brad but the gigs up....put down the syringe and walk away.

Im tired of homos posing for vids , lets all have a fight in the back yard now that is kewl.


Not only is that guy full of synthol,he is gay for himself.


With the sound off and my iTunes going it took a few moments to realize what was going on. By then it was too late...


Yeah that happened to me to

my buddy calls it anal xplode for pretty much the same reason.


I wouldn't write him off simple because of sythnol usage.

Its heavily apprently much of that is muscle, and a very good build at that.