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Fake Old Tough Guy's Log


After all these years lurking i thought it may be a good time to start a log.

I was Pro wrestler when i still had cartilige. I'm a 51 year old retired PO. ( I had a heart attack when i was 38. I'm on blood thinners. so they put me out to pasture) I'm now a struggling actor up in Massachusetts.
I act, do stunts, fight choreography, stand in, and do back ground work.
Anything to get by. I also write. One of my screenplays is being produced.

I'm using this log as a tool. I want to get in the best shape I can for
this project. And, with the camaraderie and great input in T Nation I know
it will help. A lot.

I'm 5'8 and 185. I'm no Ken Patera. But I try.

Saturday 08/20

Back Squat 225 x 5 x 5
Chain one leg walking lunge 1 chain x 10 2 chains x 10 3 chains x 10
DB Good Mornings 40 x 3 x 10
Rev Hypers 45 x 3 x 10
Santana's Triple threat on Sb 3 x 10
Standing Calf Machine 4 x 10

Sunday 08/21

Incline Press 205 x 5 x 5
Clean & Strict Military Press 135 x 5 x 1/5
Inverted Pull ups 5 x 10
Evil Wheel 5 x 10
Planks 3 x 1 min
Side Planks 2 x 1 min


Welcome aboard...good luck with all your endeavors...


Welcome! Going to follow this one.


That certainly is an interesting line of work! Welcome and best of luck.


Welcome, fakeoldtoughguy. I used to work in Hollywood, so I understand how hard you've got it. The struggles, the disappointments, the sweating, the betrayals . . .

Oh yeah, and I suppose wrestling takes work too.


Welcome. Since I'm already intimidated, do 5/3/1 or Joe Good will kill and eat you.


Welcome. That's a very cool background. I can't wait to follow along.


Welcome, friend of mine used to be a stuntie--now does mainly stunt coordination.

Did a bit of extra work myself once--enjoyed it and kind of fun to see film making from t'other side.


Welcome, that's an interesting work history you've had.

It must have been quite a stretch going from being a pro wrestler to being an actor. (sarcasm)

Isn't being a stuntman a dying trade what with all this cgi stuff nowadays?




Hardly, Brett. It's too expensive and time-consuming to CGI every fight scene, stair fall, car chase, etc. CGI is reserved for the really impossible shots and you have to budget for it.

It is practical, though, to composite stunt people into scenes. Tough Guy, have you ever done any green screen work?


Glad you are here, Welcome!


Welcome. Interesting background. BTW, remember Ken P both as a Oly lifter and a rassler.


Thanks for all the welcomes!

I really appreciate it!

I think I may have double posted my log somehow.

i hope you will excuse it. i may have been dropped on my head
one to many times. Or 3. LOL


Front Neck Raises 25 x 3 x 10
Iso Ball Neck 3 way x 3 x 10

Captains of Crush Worked with T / 1 / 2
Wrist Lever 15 x 3 x 10
Cable Wrist Curls 3 x 10
Rev Cable W/ curls 3 x 10
Band finger outward Ext 6 x 10

Off to take my son to Boston Fine art Museum.
Then to China Town for Uddon seafood!


Went up to point Sebago Maine for a few days.
Caught a Northern Pike while fishing for Lake trout.
I'm going to take that as a sign of good things to come. LOL

Came back early to beat the traffic and get
the lawn furntiture and grills in.

Back Squat 225 x 5 255 x 5 275 x 5 295 x 5 265 x 5
Step ups 135 x 5 x 8
Rom DL 185 x 5 x 8
Rev. Hypers 45 x 5 x 8
Santana Triple Threat one legged 3 x 6
Calf Ma. 5 x 10


My thoughts and prayers to those in TN that have been
effected by the hurricane.

Incline Press 185 x 5 205 x 5 225 x 5 245 x5 260 x 3 275 x 2 x 1 230 x 2 x 7 best IP have felt in years!
Power Clean



A lot of yard work. But any excuse to take out the chain saw!

A1 Flat Weighted Leg Raises 15lb DB between feet 3 x 8
A2 Evil Wheel 3 x 8

B1 Weighted Incline Sit ups 10 lb plate 2 sets of 8 each rung 8 sets total
B1 Band Lawn mower type twist 4 sets 2 each side gor 8 sets

Power Walk 135 x 40 yards 155 x 40 yards

Note to self grip work after using the chain saw may not be the best idea.

Neck work and it was a wrap.


Welcome aboard always great to have another old guy busting ass. So after the few workouts I see you are just fighting the old age bug like a lot of us. Mobility, strength and longevity being the key.

PS. SSHHHHH not like Matty, Pete or a few others who are just fucking Powerlifting beasts that put us all to shame. Dont tell them I said that. Just between you and me.


Enjoying my fight with Father time. You have to wrestle him anyways. Why not enjoy it.
He's had me down for the count of two a few times. But, I've been able to kickout a 2 and 1/2. LOL

I will say looking at the journals over the years of the older athletes really has
helped keep me fired up. Also have an 11 year old tends to motivate! :slight_smile:


Best age in my opinion is 8-12, after that they get brain damaged. In case you dont know I have 5 teenagers 15-20.

In the over 35 there are a lot of really stand up men, that many I would proudly be friends with in real life. Keep up the hard work and take care of your kids its what we are all here for.


Good stuff in here.

My kids are motivation, I have a 21 year old, 5 year old, and 1 year old. They keep me insane.