Fake Norma Deca

Hi guys. A friend of mine and I purchased a quantity of counterfeit Norma Deca a few months ago (location - U.K. South Coast). It looked just like the one that Brian B showed in his S-Files column once - dull cap iso shiny, sqaure cornered label slightly mis-aligned. Brian said that the stuff seemed to be Deca but we’re not so sure about our batch. I’m combining mine with Sustanon but I’m not seeing the growth I would have expected from 400mg Deca a week. My friend tried a shot on its own, not having touched any other gear for a year, and experienced T-like symptoms (he was more touchy than usual (ouch!) and he came out in acne on his back). Our guess is that this stuff is just a testosterone ester, possibly cypionate my friend thinks (don’t know how he knows). Anybody else seen this particular stuff?