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Fake Nolva?


With all the bullshit that goes on with AAS fakes... are ancillaries ever at risk at being faked? Particulary Nolvadex/tamoxifen...

Im told its quite cheap to make so fakes are unlikely. The last thing I want however is to run a cycle, hit my PCT and find out the stuff I have is about as useful as an asprin.



Best to get your stuff from reputable sources, then you minimize the chances of having it faked.

As your said though, I've heard the same about these being cheap to produce so faking it would be unlikely.


Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunatly Im somewhat new to the game as a whole and have only ordered a pack of 20x30mg nolva tabs and a bottle from a research chem site.

I also have no idea as to know if they were the real deal or not.


Isn't the general rule to assume that something is good until shown otherwise? Do your homework on your sources first, of course.

There are risks involved with the whole scene... you need to accept that fact or just avoid it entirely. Wrt your SERM situation I see no reason for you to stress in advance.


I just got 100 tabs of NOLV in the mail yesterday and was wondering the same thing about authenticity.

It looks pretty solid tho.


Has anyone come across 30mg tabs of tamoxifen citrate before?


If you want a link to a reliable site that has delivered good product (nolva + clomid) to me before, and doesn't have problems with customs, then PM me.


In reply to the 30mg Tamoxifen Citrate - this is legit, it is the equivalent to 20.4mgs of Tamoxifen IIRC.

In reply to Tamox never being faked as it is too cheap - Test in its raw but estered form is cheap too - yet this is 'faked', however i would (and do) trust the research chemical companies that i know of.

I wouldn't worry, and PM me if you want a check on the site.