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'Fake Natural Bodybuilding' Book?


Ok, I know that anyone can quickly whip up a short e-book (this one is "estimated" at 12 kindle pages long), but.... seriously?!

Sure, some people are pretty obsessed with pointing out that THEY believe (whether true or not) that others are cheating in their respective pursuits, and the 'net is filled with such blogs, videos etc, but does the author of this fine piece of literature (Jeffrey King Jr) expect people to purchase this?



lol I think whoever wrote this is trolling

"the more tren you have in your system, the nastier you will look" hahah


I'll just never understand why people care so much. So much time is wasted arguing about who is natty, what is achievable natty, blah blah blah.

Can't we all just get along?


You're only saying that because you're a juice monkey.



Take your hate crimes elsewhere!

And don't think we haven't noticed you hanging round the steroid subforum, sneakily absorbing the knowledge you need to eventually satisfy your filthy, base, steroid desires.


Me neither. With so many internet "heros" who seem to spend the majority of their day obsessing over others' achievements,... there has got to be plenty of better ways to make a name for yourself.

I wonder if this "Jeffrey King" is the same Jeffrey King who won the America back in the 80's.



there's whole blogs and websites dedicated to outing supposed steroid users! It weirds me out that someone would invest so much of their time speculating about whether some guy they've never met uses steroids.


Now THAT's bizarre...and kinda sad, really.


My mind hurts


The thing that always trips me out about those is some of their reasoning. Commonly its "No man with average genetics can look like that without steroids" This is what 15 years of truly natural training looks like and they flash up of picture of a guy that looks decent enough for walking around but makes you scratch your head and go anybody genetically gifted could do that in 3 months. Those boards are full of the "Well if I cant look like that, it must not can be achieved naturally" mentality, when in actuality, those that are bickering either have poor genetic, work-ethic, nutrition, programming or a combination and are looking for excuses instead of solutions. That whole movement is basically people trying to justify wasting years of working out and not getting results as something that couldn't be helped or that they have reached the pinnacle of natural development so that they can feel better about it.


I believe they are ploys to increase name recognition. Some guys compete in relative obscurity until there is speculation on whether or not they used steroids to achieve their physique.

A minor accusation sparks discussion, circulation of their photos and social media sites for study/examples/comparisons, and direct inquiries that can be used to spread diet and training knowledge. Of the camps of people denouncing, defending, and do not know, they are sure to gain firm supporters and fans, but most everyone will end up adding hits and subscriptions to their various pages and sites.

These things never end up being proven one way or another, so buzz around the person can go on for a while and spin off into other means of (undercover) marketing. If a person is smart enough, and knows how to work the boards and viewer expectations, they don't need to resort to obvious self-promotion when there's an audience already doing the work.