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Fake Meat, Pee Teeth And Thought Power


As America is fixated on A-Rod, kindly allow Karado to cut through the mustard
and show you way more interesting shit out there than some 'roided up Dominican.




Colonel Mustard found some neat reading. There is another product out there where meat is made from human feces. Pretty gross.


The phrase "cut the mustard" means to succeed or to live up to expectations. As in, "your use of that phrase didn't quite cut the mustard."

The expression you were looking for is, clearly, "to cut through the felgercarb."


Colonel Mustard,
...in the Pantry,
...with a pound of poop meat.


Who cut the cheese up in here?


I, for one, have wasted many centars responding to this galmonging frakwad's felgercarb.


I love that picture. Thanks for the belly laugh.