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Fake ID's


Ok, so I'm sure a decent percent of people on here have owned one, some more advanced than others. I may have found an overseas source that makes scannable and black light test passable Driver's Licenses that are almost exact clones of what each state/province produces for the US, Australia and Canada. I was wondering if anyone has ordered one of these and has actually had success from them.

I have read some online blog sources that say this particular site offers amazing ID's and they work no problem. Just looking for some additional feedback from my fellow T-Nation brothers and sisters.


I'm interested too. I wouldn't mind getting a fake ID so I can get senior citizens discounts.


I wanna be Nick Pappagiorgio.





hahaha...I can see the reasoning behind this, although, I think someone may be a little skeptical of you schwartz, a very muscular young looking guy posing as a 55 year old at the local movie theater to get 50 cents off his movie ticket...hmm, think they'd buy it? I on the other hand tend to use mine to get into city night clubs so that I may broaden my sexual horizon with older, drunken women.


I tried ordering one from one of those overseas sites a few years back when I was in college. It was a total scam and I was out 80 bucks. As far as I'm concerned, none of those sites are legit.

As naive as I was, looking back it was pretty funny because the payment was sent via Western Union to somewhere in the middle east, but the ID was said to be coming from England. When "they" sent me a confirmation email it had this disclaimer saying something along the lines of "we are against terrorism and are not terrorists, out payment location is just located in the middle east bla bla bla." Point being, I was a moron. Save your cash.


I prefer McLovin


nah, he was a scrawny bastard. Although he did get that red head hot piece of ass at the end.


Ive came across those sites, however this one seems extremely legit. It took some looking to find it, and it doesn't accept credit cards or paypal which is a positive on the possible legitimacy.


I just want the cars he won and to be able to bang his sister, she's a hottie.


Excellent reference Mr. Pappagiorgio.




Where is this site? And how do you pay if you can't use a credit card or paypal? I have been looking to get one, but I didn't know where to get one. I heard about one it Texas, but it got shut down.


Yeah, send cash.

"Extremely legit" my ass.

Go to the city. You'll be able to get them there.


Oh, so you want to commit rape? Nice call, kid. Nice call.


Find someone that looks enough like you who is 21. Throw him some cash, maybe a trip to the DMV. Real>Fake.


be careful buying fake documents from overseas with this war going on. You could wind up in more trouble than you bargained for.

In high school, we made them with photo shop and laminate. They didn't work at nice bars and clubs but they bought gallons of beer at gas stations, seedy liquor stores and "jeff's sports bars".

You could make friends with a drug dealer. They usually have bigger drug dealer or other friends in other illegal markets and typically know someone who can make fake documents. A number of my buddies had ID's from people like this that did scan and pass hologram tests. Just gaurd your own identity in this case or you may wind up committing crimes for other people they know with out realizing it.


I tried that with my cousin. We look like twins but he's being a dick about it. I offered him 100$ and he was like, nah, Im an asshole.


hahaha. Not rape, I will obviously be drunk too. Come on now, how many times have you gone to a bar and taken a girl home who was a little tipsy, you being so too?

Plus, my penis is so small that even if she wanted to a rape test would come up negative, hahaha.


Umm, I could PM you it, but with one post could I trust you? Thats the question.