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Fake HGH from Clinic

This was just on YouTube today @disciplined_trt this clinic they talk about is where I get my HGH from. Turns out it’s likely fake. I haven’t really felt any different since starting it, or raising my dose, but also couldn’t compare it any differently to the Tesamorelin/Ipamorelin I was taking that put my IGF-1 over 300. You were getting yours (same brand) from an actual pharmacy, right?

Anyway, just thought this was interesting, if a bit disappointing. Anyone else have any experience with them?


Thanks for letting people know about this. Never take medication from the clinic. Always get the medication from legitimate compounding pharmacy after doing your due diligence. I searched high and low and not finding legitimate HGH for less than $500 for 5 mg vials.

They should throw these guys under the jail!


When they offered me that price, i was really skeptical but went with it for about 3 months. They advertise writing Rx for Anadrol, Dbol, all that stuff that no real pharmacy or compounder will make. So it has to be coming from UGL sources.


I’ve looked; for example no legitimate pharmacy will make primo (methenolone). Too big a target on their back.

Thanks for tagging me, this is very interesting. Did you ever test your IGF-1 levels since increasing your dose?
I recently bumped myself to 3 iu/day (the max my doc will prescribe for now) and ran an IGF-1 test a few days ago, should have the results soon.

I think what I’m getting is legit. The script is through my anti-aging doc and I pick it up at a local compounding pharmacy who say they get it directly from the manufacturer. They also carry other big pharma brands, acting as a reseller.

I actually recently got a letter from the pharma company explaining they would be out of stock until January 2022 because of Covid related delays in manufacturing, and as a result the compounding pharmacy has only been giving out 30 days worth at a time to everyone with a script because they don’t know how long they’ll have it before running out, so I’ve been stockpiling as much as possible lol.

I’m shocked a clinic in the US would try to pull something like this. How could they think they would get away with it? It makes no sense. Did they think no one was going to check their IGF-1 levels?

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This one really sucks. I would pay through the nose for compounded pharma Primo. If I could choose one compound to have access to legally it’s that one


No but I feel like I should now before I make any decisions or changes.

If it’s fake, does your doc want another patient?? Lol

This clinic has been marketed by steroid users on YouTube as your “legal plug” for any kind of AAS you want. It sounds like the just call UGL gear compounded and sell it with your name on it. I got the Anavar they were talking about from the same lab they talked about and say is fake. I ran it and felt changes, and my SHBG dropped a ton, so there was something in it, for sure.


I was a patient at one of these clinics. I have blood work on the test which gave good numbers. I tested the Anavar with a roidtest which showed it was indeed anavar, but I couldn’t speak to its actual dosage. The HGH was total garbage. I had an igf blood test and my numbers were lower after a 10iu IM dose than they were naturally.

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So the next question is @readalot how important is high IGF-1 levels for muscle growth? I’ve always thought of HGH as a health/longevity compound

If you are in the mid range you should be good. IGF-1 is not something I would be comfortable pushing (but of course I’m strongly trying to weigh health over gainz).

HGH+insulin may yield higher IGF-1 levels but you are also risking higher chances for cancer + insulin resistance (higher glucose levels) so tread lightly…

Gonna keep it right at 300 for a bit then. No plans to use insulin at all. I’m not that hardcore lol

FIG. 2
Individual points and fitted percentiles for males (right side) and females (left side). Displayed are the 2.5%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 97.5% percentiles calculated by quantile regression via vector generalized additive models (LMS VGAM method).

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So I went ahead and got an IGF-1 test and … drumroll please …

Lower than when I started the HGH lol. Safe to say I’ve been had, and if you’re using a FAM clinic, you’ve been had too

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