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Fake Gear?

Just wanted to get some second opinions and thoughts on this gear. I’m thinking the shits fake though. First clue< the sust and deca have the exact same serial #'s and ive never seen winny pills in little circles. They’re usually diamond shaped and have a small AX printed on the correct? What do you guys think, should i even bother running this shit or just say fuck it?

The oral winny can be in any shape, in any color, and have any marking on it and still be real. That goes with pretty much any tablet. The manufacturer can easily do whatever they want, especially if it’s an underground “lab”. They could be blue squares with sad faces on them and still have the declared amount of winny in them.

The matching serials is extremely suspect though. A UG could have thought “fuck it, a different serial for each vial is a waste of time, lets just use the same image on every bottle”, or it could be fake.

If it was just the oral winny I’d say take your chances and stop if you have a reaction or it doesn’t do anything, but you really want to be sure of what it is your injecting into your body. If it’s not deca and sust, it’s probably just oil. But if the UG didn’t take the time to make up different fake serial #'s for different products, how sure can you be they took the time to prepare this real or fake product in a sterile environment?