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Fake Gear??


Okay guys im in week 6 of my cycle and have experianced minimum gains in weight and strength.
Body weight:250 before but now 244
lifts: 10 to 20 pound increase in all areas
Body composition: look the exact same but weigh 6 pounds less lol

the gear is made by an UG lab in canada

weeks 1-4: prop 100mg Eod & masteron 100mg eod
weeks 4-6:test suspension 100mg on lifitng days (5days a week)

threw in some dbols in week 3 to help get weight up started doses at 10 mg but worked my way up to 30 mg.

calorie intake has been high ~4000 and high protien but carbs have been moderate.
ive been lifting big and eating big and sleeping big but not getting big.

Sides: Ocassional headaches is all
no crazy pumps in gykm either just feel like usual

Im i expecting too much since this is my first cycle or is this gear fake


Do you experience any other sides? Smaller testes, acne, changes in behaviour?

I finished a Test E cycle @ 750mg myself just recently and my gains were also far below expectations. IMHO it's all about where you are standing when you start taking it.

At 250 pound you are already a big guy. It's not like you are 170 with 2 years of lifting. Those guy grow more easily because they have potential left.

I started at 230lbs and ended at 230lbs... But I lost almost 3-4% BF and I look a lot leaner. This was mainly because I was on a cutting diet and used the Test as anti-catabolic agent.


People that are 315 will gain weight when they do a steroid cycle, if they eat to do so. It doesn't matter where you start.

4000 calories will barely maintain my weight at ~230.



during my years of training I did some kcal experiments myself. I'm 230 and I maintain this weight with only 2600 to 3000 kcals.

When I upped this to 4200 kcals during 2 months (tried to get as much lean food as possible) I mostly increased my BF. I had to force feed my way through those months...


Maybe I work out harder or have more muscle mass or just have a higher metabolism. Not trying to be disrespectful, just saying what my diet is like that maintains a certain weight for me.


For the first little while i experianced a crash with my test suspension about 4 hours later but now thats gone, i have some mild back acne but nothing crazy. other than that no sides, would guy recommend me bumping my dbols to 40 or do you think I would have gained something with 20-30 mgs


@ TRT:

No problem! My issue is known... Low metabolism due to 3 years of SSRI ... I hope it gets better someday.


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Thx BBB I'll read about it.


I just started this earlier this week. Going great so far. Finally a diet plan I can get on board with.
Oh, hi I'm back and not digging this TRT guy so far...


So sorry, I"ll work harder at winning your approval as that is very important to me.


what is it about you TRT that people just love to hate? I feel you're headed into "Bonez" territory when it comes to rubbing folks the wrong way lol


Heres a pic of my dbols, they seem like shit to me no water retention yet , very little strength gains and make my chest feel weird


Bonez actually knew what he was talking about sometimes. That's the difference.

Lifter- you should've started your dbol @30mgs a day. I don't know what prompted you to only run it @10, but that could've been half your problem. If you still didn't see results even after a week @ 30, I'd say it's garbage.


Couple of things that i have noticed that look fishy to me:
1) you can rub the tab against ur hand it will begand to dissolve immediatly almost like chalk
2) elevates blood pressure like crazy
3) no water retention as of yet could be due to low dose
4) hurts joints


Maybe some examples would be helpful in determining if this is true or not.

Then again, as I mentioned, your opinion of anything means really very little. I'm just curious as to what has your panties so bunched.


Yeah queer, TRT is a pretty knowledgable guy. You'd do well to put behind you any annoyance he may have caused you and listen to what he says. Most of it has value when he's not side tracked by blasting idiots.

Edit: meant to write queef not queer, damn iPad autocorrect


wait..you mean queef isn't a word?


Not according to Steve jobs ....who is defiantly a queef


Can't we all just be friends? The roid rage is strong in this thread

@ OP, how tall are you? And what's your BF% approx.? For a 250lb guy, you aren't eating very much and your doses are on the low side.