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Fake Gear? 400 Total T on 500mg Test E per Week?

i have recently got my bloods done and noticed that my TT was only 17 or around 400 ng.dl

im on 500mg test e per week injecting E3D

also using aromasin EOD 25 mg . just switched to 12.5 ED

WTF… is my gear shit?

Is my drinking beer few times a week messing it up…

mayb I missed an injection day or a day to late? not likely

My TRT dose of 140mg/week gets me to 1100. I’d say you have fakes.

On 500 mg test per week, your T levels should be about 2500-3500. Sounds like its bunk, man.

If your numbers are that low, you definitely have fake gear. Stop using it right now.

thanks dude… im off it and got on TRT