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Fake Forum Commenters


Fake forum comments are 'eroding' trust in the web


I would just like to state that I am NOT a member of this forum on behalf of PETA or any National Socialist parties looking to have debates swayed or derailed. I repeat, I am NOT here spread propaganda of vegan or fascist kind.


"However, fakes can be spotted by analysing their patterns of activity and the words they use, say the researchers.

Fakes are more likely to start new comment threads, make inane comments rather than add to a debate, and repeat former comments with minor changes, the study suggests."

You don't say...


There was a time when we trusted things said on the web?


What the fuck is a fake forum?




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In Spanish newspapers this is terrible.

There are some controversial sports reporters who, seeing how their popularity is sinking, have their friends or even themselves spam friendly comments towards them. They all share the same tone, writing style, etc.
Some newspapers require registration and allow post browsing, so it's easy to see who is.


We're not falling for it, Jeffrey of Troy.


Falling for what?

I just found it interesting. I knew about the phenomenon of "trolls" of course, but I just thought they were ass-hats doing it for their own jollies. I hadn't previously realized (or realised, for you Englishers) that thousands of people are being paid by govs and corps to operate multiple personas on various comment boards.


These fake posters make me so mad...when I get this upset I reach for an ICE COLD PEPSI THECHOICEOFANEWGENERATION!


Seriously man, the only way to combat trolls is:

A Miller Lite, because its not trollin time, its MILLER TIME.


wait really?

i've always learned to take what people say on the internet as absolute truth.



i would go with Bud Light


youre such a corporate whore