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Fake Ephedrine?

OK…i know im gonna get flamed here but whatever. I recently bought ephedrine off this kid who im somewhat friends with. I bought 100…and he gave them to me in like a bag you’d put bud in. I cant order shit online cuz my parents would never let me use ephedrine or HOT-ROX or anything…so i bought them from this kid.

Now basically…the first time i took one i noticed something…i noticed that i didnt notice anything. No increase in energy…nothing…although i felt a little warmer but that could be in my mind. These pills are VERY small…all white plain pills. Very skinny and very small.

Nothing on them…and no like slit to break them in half or anything. I dont know if they are fake…but what its a safe way of finding out if they are or not?

A lot of the ephedra products people started to use when ephedrine was banned (the ban was over-turned though) were Ephedrine HCL product (Vasopro, etc) and were tiny pills. Since this was synthetic ephedrine rather than the herbal form it was 100% ephedrine rather than the 8-12% found in herbal extracts.

LOL Go get the crap at any gas station if you need it. Like said above ephedrin HCL was never banned and could be easily bought for $4-5 for 100 pills.

I need to start slanggin’ the E phedrin to school kids. Pay off my student loans in no time.

wanna know somethin hilarious…i payed 70$ for 100 off this kid ROFL…whatever i deserve it