Fake Dbol?

My friend showed me what are supposed to be 20 mg Dbol… Now from what i understand i dont even think they make 20 mg BD dbol but the tablets are round pink tablets with a ridge for the half marking on one side. Everything ive been researching is showing the BD dbols to be pink squares with a BD on one side and a 10 on the other.


The best (practical) way to find out is to take 2 or 3 of them before your next gym session. If it’s just underdosed you’ll have a hard time determining that, however.

what should i feel to really know if theyre legit?

Uncontrollable rage

Just kidding.

You should experience strength increase, mild aggression, and really good pumps. Not much else from one dose.

Pump is going to be the main thing.

It takes a little while to have really noticeable strength doses, but the pump is near immediate.

Oh ya, I took 10mg before a workout to try it out and I had a full body pump…

Take a picture of the bottle if you can. My mate showed me his bottle from some place and the first thing i noticed was the spelling was dianobol instead of dianabol. Big fail.

He doesnt have the bottle anymore just the pills. He said hes used them himself and saw good results but idk