Fake Arimidex Tabs?

I just bought some anastrozole (Arimidex)from a friend of mine. The tablets are square, purple in color, and have BD on one side, and 5-0 on the other. I checked on the web, and couldn’t find any reference to these tablets. He also gave me some IP anastrozole that are also purple, round, and have IP on one side. Has anyone had any experience with either of these? I have heard that the IP ones are legit, but no word on the other ones yet. The thing that doesn’t make sense is the fact the the BD anastrozoles would have 50 on them when they should only be 1 mg.

The tiny round purple (IP) tabs are legit. I had the same tabs and they were fine with 500+ test and 75mg drol.

dont know about the BD tabs sorry.

Thanks daja, I’ve surmised the round ones are good, it’s the square ones I’m concerned about. especially since they say 5-0 on one side which makes no sense.