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Fake Arimidex Possibly? Need Help


So I am 12 days into take 50mg dbol everyday and 250mg test e twice a week. everything I received looked good and came from sources I checked up with afterwards on line except the arimidex came in capsules which made me worried to begin with. The first 8 days I split the capsule into 4ths and took 1 of the 4ths everyday as he said the capsules were 1mg. The last 3 I’ve been taking .325. I’ve been mixing it in juice. I have been holding a lot of water weight and my nipple have been getting puffier by the day the last few days and can feel small amounts of tissue behind them. I began to worry that the Capsules were fake. I just poured an entire capsule into my mouth with no drink and moved it around with my tongue and tasted not a thing at all. I know dbol aromitizes a lot and do not want to risk waiting any longer if you guys think it’s fake. it should definitely have some sort of bitter taste I would imagine. I’ve always really liked my little nips and now they are not so little :cold_sweat:


I use Pharm grade adex on script and it’s tasteless, so I wouldn’t use taste as a guide (how foul can .5mg of anything really taste?)

I’m genuinely sorry brother - I hate getting hold of questionable shit, but know that if I was getting signs of gyno I would stop what I was doing immediately if I didn’t have access to something stronger that I knew was good enough to combat it.


Only way to determine if it’s fake is via a blood test, and seeing what your E2 is at. Taste is not an indicator. It’s possible your arimidex is underdosed, even if it’s real. If it were me, I’d definitely increase the dose. If you’re seeing a problem THIS FAST, you may want to double the dose. Some people are just very sensitiive to estrogenic side effects. I have to take a lot of arimidex to manage it. Some people don’t really need any.


Many might need 3mg per week with your T load, 1mg anastrozole per 100mg T.
This would get you to lower 20’s pg/ml.

After that you can calculate a new dose. If E2=22pg/ml [suggested target] and you have lab E2=30pg/ml, new dose = old dose X 30/22

A few are over-responders who need 1/4th that amount. These guys feel crappy crashing their E2 and that is really the only way to know.

I see anastrozole use in these forums that is too conservative and guided by “will use if I get sides” when one should be seeking an optimal resort. E2=22pg/ml seems to be optimal for energy, libido, mood and fat patterns. E2 also interferes with T docking at T receptors. Elevated E2 causes the liver to produce more SHBG which lowers FT. SHBG+T is not bio-available and is simply waiting for the liver to clear it out.

When making anastrozole dose changes, the half-life means that it takes 5-7 days for serum levels to get to steady state and your brain needs to adjust too. You need to wait 7 days before you know what a given dose is doing. The exceptions is when an over-responder crashes E2 and can really feel that. In that case, stop anastrozole for 6 days and resume at 1/4th the expected dose. Many get in trouble thinking they need a dose change every two days.

SERM’s increase E2 and only protect selected tissues. So only some side effects are prevented. And some guys seem to not have SERMs prevent or resolve gyno. It is better to manage E2 directly than try to mitigate the effects of elevated E2 with a SERM.

Do not use high dose SERMs or stack SERMs or stack SERM+hCG. The LH receptors in the testes can be overloaded and loose sensitivity [risk of]. And this predictably leads to large amounts of T–>E2 inside the testes where an anastrozole does not, cannot, work at any sane dosing. Most PCT practices on BB and steroid forums is deeply flawed.


couldn’t agree more. fortunately, most of the consistent advisors in this section say exactly that, to run the AI from day 1. Almost everyone who’s running their first cycle plans to do otherwise. The common bro-science is that somehow AI’s ruin gains or something, which is truly absurd.

And yes, most people dose way too low. I think most people never get bloodwork done, and so when they feel mostly normal, and they don’t see outward sides, they assume that E2 must be approximately right. Oftentimes that’s not the case. Recently I was running a compound I’d never run before, and I didn’t know how it would affect my E2. I felt fine, no symptons, got tested, and tested at E2=65. For many of us, there is NO WAY to know that we’re dosing effectively without bloodwork.


Thank you guys for the fast responses very much. I will go get blood work done. I called my buddy I got them from he said he can get pharma grade for me and he apologizes and to give those back. I had blood work done the day before I started and my estradiol was at 31 and I am 25 years old. Should I wait until I get the new stuff and take it for a week? Should I order something else to maybe reverse what’s already happened? What is the best corse of action at this point?


I don’t think you’re listening to the advice here. There’s a high chance that your product is legit. Nobody told you that there is anything necessarily wrong with your adex.


So your advice is to wait a week and then see if my upped dosage dose what I wanted. Then if that doesn’t work up it again and wait 7 days? I can do that I’m just worried that bc it’s a capsule that’s a red flag and I would hate to wait another 14 days on top of my current 12 and have finished my dbol with bunk adex if that is the problem. Just want to be safe and avoid getting gyno if possible. Would the best thing to do up my dose to .5 every day of my current stuff and then after a week get blood tests to check and see where I’m at? I have heard on multiple forums going that high will hinder gains tremendously but someone above said that is not true.


Why would a capsule be a red flag? Do you actually have a reason for thinking this?

There are 3 basic ways adex can be presented, and they all begin in powder form. 1 is to be dissolved into a solution, so that it is delivered in liquid form. This is my preference. The 2nd way is that a binding agent can be used to produce a pill. The 3rd is to encapsulate the powder. All 3 are perfectly acceptable. I prefer both liquid and capsule over pill form, because dose can be adjusted easily. Pills are hard to cut. If your ONLY reason for thinking it’s bunk is that it’s in a capsule, you’re thinking wrong.

That being said, if doubling your dose does not bring your E2 down from where it is now, I would consider a different source.

People who say adex can hinder gains are absolute fucking morons. That’s such a stupid notion. The only way it can be a problem is if you absolutely crash your E2 to zero, something you don’t seem prone to do.


People who say adex can hinder gains are absolute fucking morons.

Ha, they probably count water as a ‘gain’ :wink: