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Fake Arimedex


i just openened up my bottle of novadex to find a gel cap that looks exactly like my arimedex.the adex are 1 mlg and the nolva 20 mlg but bothe are the exact same size same colour powder inside.25 mlg should deffinetly be bigger should it not?




Im fairly new to the game but I've only seen nolva and adex in tab form. They make caps?


anyone else? pretty sure i got burnt,this shit looks like flour!


Gel caps? Sorry, very much doubtful. Every pharmacy-bought anastrozole I've seen is a small, round white tablet. Is there such a thing as UGL adex?? I've never seen it. Not saying it doesn't exist, but it seems unlikely since the pharma stuff is not hard to get anyway. You can get it from online pharmacies and research chem sites pretty easily.

I wouldn't trust either nolva or adex...fairly sure they are bunk. Check around the net and find a good research chem site. Lesson learned, I've bought fake gear too bro :(. Hope you didn't pay too much.


Yes. Very much so.

OP it sounds like your supplier bought gelatin capsules and filled them himself. This is very common for UGLs to do with all oral drugs. There is no way to know what you have in the capsules. Theres no point to discuss this in depth because as I said, you have no idea what's in there, BUT the volume of powder is irrelevant.

The amount of active ingredient is tiny. To measure the stuff accurately a UGL will mix the activie ingredient with maltodextrin or flour or some other powder with similar grain size (so they mix evenly blah blah). So whether theres 100mg of product or .25mg of product is not dependant on how much powder is in the capsule.

I do not recommend research chemicals these days. Too many shady operations. Drop the cash on pharm grade arimidex if you want a guarentee that youre getting anastrazole.


Just to add that this should be much easier nowadays than about 6 months ago since generic anastrozole has hit the market. You no longer are confined to the premium shit (Arimidex) as your only option--lots of good choices available now.


I don't know about the US, but here in western Europe we have some very respectable UG labs.