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Fake Anastrozole? I Don't Know...


I'm new to T-Nation. I recently received some anastrozole. The pills are small, round, and blank on both sides. The packaging was fine, looked legitimate, but blank pills!? I have never seen prescription medicine without imprints. I am confused. I can't take these just hoping they're real. I am fond of my pectoral muscles. I have no desire for breasts like Dolly Parton's. Because of this fact, I haven't taken them. But unfortunately, I thought I had everything in order, jumped the gun, and began my cycle (which by the way is my first cycle). Does anyone have knowledge of any blank meds being legitimate? Am I just being paranoid?

Thanks in advance for any help. AimingHigher


Are they HG or UGL? If they're (allegedly) HG, can you Google the manufacturer and determine if they in fact make the Anastrozole? I happen to have Anastrozole from a legitimate Asian pharmaceutical manufacturer that is blank on both sides, no imprint.

If they're UGL, then you're out of luck.


pills can come in any shape, size, color, design, that the manufacture wants to make them.


I no what UGL means but not HG. I am going to assume that HG is the opposite of a UGL. They're from india, from a seemingly legitimate manufacturer. Yet the thing is, there's two company names on the package. One seems to be legit and the other I couldn't find much of anything on Google. They're generic by the way. I am not sure if I am supposed to give names of labs on here, or if that is a violation of some rule, so I won't.


HG stands for human grade.

If you can find info on the manufacturer, I wouldn't worry about their legitimacy. There's not a whole lot of money to be made in faking ancillaries.


They're probably fine. I've also bought some legit anastrozole that were plain white, they came from an Indian pharmacy. The stuff's not hard to find, not a controlled substance, and not very expensive (other than at U.S. pharmacies) so like Icicle said, not much incentive to counterfeit them. If you're still worried, get some liquid from a reputable research chem site (there are many.)

Is UGL anastrozole even common? It seems odd that someone would go through the trouble to make it in their basement, when you can so easily get it legally from RC sites.